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Thoughts and Words ~ 4

"Sam, of course I love you. Why in the world would you ask me that?" Ainsley watched him carefully for some clue as to where all the doubts and insecurities were coming from. She knew the thing with his father hadn't been so easily solved as he'd led everyone to believe.

"My parents were happily married and then boom. I don't want that to be us."

"Sam, I know you talked to your dad last week. What's going on that you're not telling me?"

"Why don't we go home and talk about it. I don't want what I have to tell you to become public knowledge."

"Okay. Let's go home and talk." Ainsley grabbed his hand and held it all the way home.

When they got into Sam's apartment, he sat her down on the couch. "I think I'm afraid of commitment," he said softly.

"Why," she asked, looking him in the eye. Ainsley was concerned at where this conversation was going and it made her nervous.

"Look at what happened between my parents! I don't want to become my father," he said rather loudly. He looked at her, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell like that."

"It's all right. I know you're still going through a hard time. Something like that takes a long time to heal." she said, taking his hand.

"That's not it. I shouldn't have yelled. You're the only one who understands how I feel. My parents deal with it by not talking to each other unless it's yelling and that helps the whole damn thing a bunch." Sam was still angry at both of his parents for the way they were handling things.

"Sam, it's okay. We can yell and let it out. My neighbors moved out last week."

"Yeah, but I shouldn't have yelled, Ainsley. I shouldn't have burst out like that." Sam felt very bad for taking how he was feeling out on someone else.

"Sam." She took her hand to his face and turned it towards her. "It really is okay, it's all right to feel like this." She only hoped it helped him. He had a lot more things to work out inside of himself and with his parents. Ainsley knew that Sam's family was only polite and that Sam's relationship with them was even more strained than it was before the affair became public knowledge.

They stayed cuddled close to each other until Sam was ready to leave. They'd stayed over at each other's apartments for a while and whenever they felt the need. Ainsley understood that under the circumstances, Sam would want some distance and she was prepared to give it. She didn't or couldn't loose Sam.

She was prepared to do anything in her power to keep him, for that matter. This was the first time anyone had ever stayed with her for longer than a month. "Sam, I do understand, I really do. I mean, my parents aren't divorced, but I now how horrible heartbreak feels. It feels like you can't do anything right for a while, but it does get better."

He nodded, "Yeah. Thank you for that."

"For what?"

"For saying that, for reassuring me."

She smiled. "No problem because it's the truth."

"I should be getting home. Thanks for tonight."

"You're welcome. It was nice to just talk and reconnect with each other. I'll stop by your office tomorrow with a surprise."

"What kind of surprise?"

"I'll give you one hint. It's food."

"Good night then." Sam gave her a quick kiss and left.

Ainsley walked into the kitchen and pulled out the ingredients for her famous Magic Cookie Bars. Hopefully, they would put a smile on Sam's pretty face, even for just a moment. She truly hated to see him so sad, lost, and upset.


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