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Thoughts and Words ~ 2

Sam picked up the phone, started to dial, and slammed it back down. He'd been trying all night to gather up the courage to call Ainsley and break their date for the next night. He really needed the time to do some soul searching and for that he needed to be out of Washington and alone.

Finally, he gave up on calling her. He called the florist, ordered some flowers and added a card. Sam also called her voice mail to let her know what was going on and why he needed to be alone. He only hoped that she would understand why he needed to be alone and work through the stuff that was running through his head a million miles a second.

He got his coat and keys and walked out of his apartment and out to his car. He opened the door and got in, but didn't go anywhere. He just sat there for a minute or two and thought. Was this the woman he *really* wanted to spend eternity with? Could he be a good and faithful husband? Did he really want to make a lifetime commitment to one woman? Was this the 'one'? The unanswered questions kept going around in a circle with Sam coming up with no answers to questions that had to be answered before he proposed to Ainsley. He shook that out of his mind and started the car and drove off with no destination in mind.

He ended up driving to Virginia. It wasn't that far out of Washington, but it wasn't in Washington. He decided to stop in a small café and have something for breakfast. Sam ate the meal in silence, still nowhere in his quest to answer the questions.

Sam found the community park and walked over to a secluded part of the park and began to speak out loud to hear his own thoughts.

"Is Ainsley the one for me? Is she the one that I want for all time?" Sam wasn't sure how to answer them and continued rambling out loud.

"Is she the one that I want to raise children with? Is she my soulmate? Could I live without her in my life?" the last question hit home as Sam heard it with his own ears. Ainsley had become such a fixture in his life that he couldn't contemplate a future without her and he wondered how he'd gotten through in the past without her.

Sam still had some unanswered questions and he had to talk to Ainsley. Maybe she was going through the same thing as he was, a lot of fear and uncertainty about what was to come in the future.

He walked over to the car and headed back to DC. Sam wanted to see the woman that held the keys to his future and talk to her. Maybe he could even make it back in time for their date and surprise her.

He thought about how he would surprise her for their date. He didn't want to give her flowers, he already did that. He already gave her a card too. What else could he do? Sam knew that he had to have a wonderful surprise planned for canceling their date and then having the date be on again. Ainsley was going to kill him.

Finally, he got back to D.C. He had 20 minutes to get ready for the date and to pick up Ainsley. He called the restaurant and had them set things up for his surprise to her. He hoped it would work. It had to work.


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