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In A Minute

She paced around the room, not knowing what to do; not knowing what to say; not knowing what to think. How could something like this happen? And to her best friend, nonetheless! Only ninety minutes ago, she was arguing with him about driving. And now, ninety minutes later, he was laying in the ICU. She should have been there, she kept thinking to herself.

No matter where the other one was, if one needed the other, it only took a minute. One phone call away was all. Just one. She walked over to the window again and looked in at the lifeless body that lay in the bed. A nurse was refilling his IV bag with more fluid. She could feel herself begin to get dizzy.

"Come on, sit down," Sam said in a soothing voice.

"How could I let this happen," she asked him quietly.

He helped her to a chair. "This isn't your fault, CJ. It's no one's fault. These things happen--"

"No Sam! They don't just happen. Everything happens for a reason. Had I been there a minute sooner, he wouldn't be lying there in that bed. We wouldn't be sitting here waiting to hear whether or not he's going to pull through. So don't start trying to make it sound as if it's all going to be fine." She looked down at her tissue that was now soaked with her tears. If only she had been there a minute sooner.


He could tell that someone was there in the room with him. CJ? Was it CJ? No, he would know if it was her. She'd be yelling her head off, telling him how stupid he was, driving that car. He could tell that homever was in the room had now left. He was alone again. He was left alone to think.

No matter where the other one was, if one needed the other, it only took a minute. He kept recalling what she had said earlier that evening. Had he only listened, just for a minute, he wouldn't be lying here and she wouldn't be out there worrying. Had he given her a minute, he would be at home, probably watching a game on television or reading a book. But he wasn't.

'I'm sorry, CJ,' he said in his mind. 'I'm sorry for this pain I've caused you.'

G-d, he wanted to just be able to open his eyes and see her face! He wanted to let her know that he was okay. He was just...sleeping.


They all bolted up when they heard the beeping coming from his room.

"What's going on," Josh asked one of the nurses.

She didn't answer. All she did was give the group a look; a look that didn't mean anything good.

CJ ran her hands through her hair. Only a minute ago he was fine! And now...what was going on? 'Please, G-d,' she thought to herself, 'Please let him be all right. Don't take him yet. It's too soon.' She sat down at put her head into her hands as she continued to pray.


What was this? What was all the noise? He could tell that several people had been going in and out of the room, but why?

"He's crashing!"

"Charge to 250."

"Charging to 250."


Suddenly, he saw a bright light. It wasn't a light like the sun or a star. It was soothing. He wanted to go towards it. But how could he? He was still laying in the bed. Or was he?

He looked down. There, he saw his body. He saw the doctors and nurses working on him. Yet he was unable to do anything. He looked back at the light. It was so soothing, so relaxing. He began to walk towards it. Closer, and closer...


'Not now,' she pleaded as she heard the doctor yell clear several times. 'He can't leave! Please, dear G-d! Let him live!' She blocked out all of the noises except that of her own. In her mind.


He was almost there. Just a few more steps and...Wait. There was someone there. He tried to see who it was in the bright light.

All he saw was a hand, waving him back in the direction in which he came.

"Not now, Toby," a voice came from above him.

"Why not?"

"You aren't ready yet. Your time on Earth hasn't expired. Go back to your friends; to your family. They need you now."

Toby looked down and once again saw his lifeless body. He looked back up. What was he supposed to do?


'Not now,' she continued. 'Don't take him away.'

"I've got a pulse!" A nurse said.

CJ slowly looked up at Josh, Sam, and Leo. They looked as if a million tons had just been lifted off of them. Was it true? Was he back?


He could feel the doctors poking him again. Then he felt it. He could feel his heart beating. All he could think about was CJ. He knew she had something to do with this.


No matter where the other one was, if one needed the other, it only took a minute.

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