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A Wonderful Life ~ 32

"Wake up," Toby opened Derek's door and shook his bed.

"Go away," Derek hit him away.

"It's seven, you have school," Toby smirked. "I have work. Mom has work."

"What's wrong with you this morning?" Derek noticed a very happy Toby.

"Nothing. I'm just ready to start the day," Toby smiled and walked out.

"What's wrong with him?" Derek asked when he saw CJ walk in.

"You'll understand when you get older," CJ smirked.

"I don't want to know," Derek rolled his eyes and got out of bed. "Do I have to go to school?"

"Yes," CJ answered. "Just like I have to go to work."

"First day back to work. Are you excited?" Derek asked.

"Worried," CJ moaned.

"The woman you and dad picked out to baby-sit seems really nice. I'm sure everything will be fine," Derek smiled.

"Thanks," CJ kissed him. "Come on. We're going to be late."

"Okay, I'm getting up." He slowly got out of bed and got dressed.

"Is he coming or what?" Toby asked as he finished feeding Adina.

"He's coming, I think he's getting dressed." CJ sat down in one of the chairs and started playing with Samuel's feet, making him coo.

"Okay, I'm here," Derek said. "But I don't want to go to school." He crossed his arms.

"Too bad," Toby said, mocking him.

Half an hour later, Kayla, the babysitter arrived. CJ told her where everything was and what numbers to call if anything were to happen.

"CJ, at this rate we are never going to leave the house," Toby moaned.

"Okay, I'm ready, sheesh!"

"Mom can I ask you something," Derek said as Toby drove to Derek's school.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Do you think that Jack is okay? I mean, he was taken away from his mom and everything..."

"I'm sure he'll be fine," CJ said giving him a reassuring look.

"Okay," he said still unconvinced.

"Derek, he'll be okay, all right?" Toby said.

"Yeah, okay." He continued to stare out the window.


"Late," Leo snapped as Toby and CJ rushed in.

"Sorry," Toby moaned. "I couldn't get Derek out of the car."

"Why?" Josh asked.

"Because he wanted to go back home and sleep," CJ moaned.

"And where's Sam?" Leo snapped. "What is this? Make sure you're late to the staff meeting day?" Leo snapped sarcastically.

"I was on time Leo," Josh said proudly.

"Shut up," Leo moaned.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I had to take Jack to school," Sam rushed in.

"Who's Jack?" Leo asked.

"Derek's friend," CJ answered.

"And why did Sam have to make sure he was taken to school?"

"I'm going to adopt him. Hopefully. I'm going to a meeting tomorrow," Sam said proudly.

"Why the hell is everyone deciding now to have a family of their own? I mean, election is two months away and now Sam's adopting a kid. CJ and Toby have three kids now. Who's next? Josh," He snapped.

"Well, everyone else seems to be doing it," Josh shrugged.

"Never mind," Leo moaned. "Sam, congratulations. It's just bad timing."

"Don't worry Leo. My head is still in the game," Sam nodded.

"Good," Leo said as everyone sat down. "Let's get started. So, what is going on with Richardson," Leo asked Sam.

"Well, he wants to get rid of the welfare bill."

"Again?!" Leo snapped. "Sam, you're staying late today to make sure he doesn't pull a stunt like that."

"But I have to pick up Jack from school and fill out all the papers--"

"I don't care! You have to do this. Got it?"

"Yeah, fine." He sat down.

"I can take the meeting," Josh said.

Leo sighed. "Fine, Josh take the meeting and Sam do whatever you have to do."

"Thanks Leo," he said.

After the meeting ended, CJ headed back to her office, Toby following close behind. "CJ."

"Yeah?" She said as she took her messages from Carol.

"You think Sam can really handle this?"

She smiled. "This is so cute."

"What is?"

"You're worried about Sam. You're just like his big brother."

"CJ!" He whined.

"What?" She smirked.

"I was just asking?" Toby moaned. "I'm leaving," He pouted.

"Not before you give me a kiss," CJ smiled.

"Here?" Toby looked around to all the people.

"Ziegler," She warned.

"Fine," He moaned and kissed her on the lips really fast, yet everyone around them still applauded. "I'm going to find a deep hole," Toby stomped off.

"I love you," CJ laughed.

"I love you too," Toby moaned.

"Come on Donna," Josh wined.

"Get away from me," Donna pushed him.

"What's going on?" Toby asked.

"Donna won't have my baby," Josh moaned.

"What?" Toby's eyes went wide.

"Josh thinks he's the only one without kids now," Donna moaned. "I'm not getting pregnant. I'll need a HUGE raise for that one," She smiled and wondered off.

"You're an idiot," Toby rolled his eyes at Josh.

"You have three. Let me have one," Josh smiled.

"I'm leaving," Toby moaned and left Josh to pout.

Toby walked to his office. "Toby..." Ginger started to say.

"Not now, Ginger," he said. "I just want to get this day over with. No distractions or anything. Got it?"

"That's the thing."

"What do you mean?" He walked into his office and stopped at the door and stared at the person sitting on his sofa. "Oh my G-d..."

"Nice to see you too," David Ziegler said as he stood and shook a shocked Toby's hand.


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