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A Wonderful Life ~ 23

"Wait. He said that we can't." Jack pointed out while Derek put on his cape.

"This will work. I've seen it on television. I put this cape on and if I jump out of a high place, I will be able to fly."

"Dude, this is not going to work. Besides, you weigh too much."

"Don't start with me." Derek warned.

"Look, let's just fine something else to do."

"Like what? This is going to be great." Derek smiled.

"I can get to the roof from my window." Derek started to climb out.

"I'm not going to watch this." Jack put his hands over his face.

"Here I go." Derek climbed out and jumped over to the tree that was out his window so he could get to the roof. He started to climb up the tree when his foot got stuck. "Jack!" Derek yelled.

"Dude, I'm not watching."

"No, my foot is stuck!" Derek screamed. "Get Josh!"

While in the press room........

"Okay, that's all," CJ said. "Any questions?"



"Is it true that the Senator was having an affair?"

CJ sighed, "I have already gone over this. No, it's absolutely not true. I'm sorry to burst your bubble."

Carol stepped up next to CJ and handed her a note.

CJ read the note to herself and then looked up and saw Toby in the back of the room, along with Sam who had come back. "Okay, Sam Seaborn is going to take over the briefing."

"What's going on?" A reporter yelled. "I'm sick!" CJ yelled back. She hurried to Toby. "Please tell me this note is wrong."

"I wish it was wrong."

"Oh G-d!" "CJ, come on, we have to go to the hospital. Leo's fine with us going now that Sam's back."

She nodded. "Okay."

At the hospital......

"Why did you have to go and disobey me?" Josh said again.

"I'm sorry," Jack said with his head hanging. "I told him it was a bad idea. But he wouldn't listen to me."

Josh sat down next to Jack. "Listen, I know you were trying to do the right thing. Okay?"

Jack nodded a little.

CJ and Toby burst into the waiting area.

"What happened?!" Toby yelled. "And where are the twins?!"

"Relax, Donna is watching them at her place." Josh and Jack jumped up.

"What the hell happened Josh? I leave you alone for an hour and this happens!"

"I told Derek not too. Jack even told him not too. But he still tried to fly."

"What?" CJ asked confused. "Jack, what happened?"

"He was climbing the tree to get up to the roof. Then his foot got stuck. He told me to get Josh and when I did, I heard him scream. He fell out of the tree and landed on all the leaves that were out there."

"He was trying to fly?" Toby asked confused.

"He said the cape would keep him from falling. Which I knew was wrong."

"Are you ok?" Toby bent down and looked into Jack's eyes.

"Yes." He nodded. "I'm sorry I didn't stop him."

"He's stubborn. You couldn't have stopped him." Toby said.

"He takes after his father." Josh smirked.

"You shut up." Toby warned. "What did the doctor say?"

"It's just a broken leg." Josh answered. "And this was not my fault!"

"Shut up!" Both CJ and Toby snapped.

"Fine." Josh sat back down and pouted.

"He's worse then me." Jack smiled.

"Can you wait here?" Toby asked CJ.

"Yeah. Where are you going?"

"I'm going to take Jack out to get something to eat and then go get the twins."

"The doctors said that it may be a while until Derek can go home. They're backed up." Josh said.

"I'll wait. I'll call later." CJ kissed Toby and then bent down and kissed Jack. "Be good." She smirked.

"Yes ma'am." Jack blushed as Toby grabbed his hand and led him out. Leaving CJ standing there glaring at Josh.

"CJ, will you stop glaring at me already?" Josh asked after 20 minutes.

"Joshua, I leave you alone for an hour and this happens!"

"I'm sorry, CJ. Really."

She nodded and looked down. "I know. It's just...Well..."

"I know. He means the world to you."

She looked up at him, "Yeah, he does. I mean, if he gets sick, our first reaction is to take him to the hospital."

Josh smiled a little. "You're a great mom, you know that?"

"Thanks." She smiled back at him. "So did the doctor say when we could go see him?"

"He said in about an hour or so. I guess they're still pretty backed up."

"From what?"

"There was a car accident or something. And they brought all of the injured people here."

"Ah." She sat down. "So he fell in a bunch of leaves?"

" the front yard, I guess there was a bag of leaves."

She laughed a little. "I told Toby to take those out to the trash, but he said it wasn't the right time yet."

"You're kidding."

"Nope." She laughed a little more. "Those leaves saved his life," she said as she stopped laughing and looked down.

"He's going to be fine." Josh put his arm around her. "He didn't even cry during the ride over here. He was just ticked off that the cape didn't do anything, and then he was worried that you and Toby were going to kill him." Josh smirked. "He was more mad then hurt."

"He really does take after Toby." CJ smirked.


"Coming." Donna yelled while running to the door.

"Hey." Toby smiled as she opened it.

"Why don't you just beat down my door?" She said sarcastically.

"I did." He smiled.

"Who's this?" Donna pointed to Jack.

"He's my pal Jack. We're having a man's night tonight." Toby smiled. "How are they?"


"Good, so they won't be trouble."

"So, you're taking them away?" She smirked.

"Yes ma'am. I'm going to go feed Jack and then take the kids home. Thanks so much for watching them."

"No problem. How's Derek?"

"Thanks to Josh, he's got a broken leg." Toby said while walking into the front room and getting the twins ready.

"He can be a bonehead sometimes." Donna smirked.

"Yes he can." Toby picked the two carriers up and walked to the door.

"Thanks again Donna."

"Sure. Good night." She smiled as he walked back to the car.

"So, where do you want to go eat?" Toby asked putting the twins in the back seat.

"You're letting me decide?" Jack asked shocked.

"Why not?" Toby got in and buckled up. "Anywhere. I just need you to help me with the twins until we get home."

"You trust me to watch the twins?"

"Yep. Which one do you want to be in charge of at the restaurant?" Toby asked while driving away.

"The boy. Um..."

"Samuel." Toby smiled. "Ok, you're in charge."

At the restaurant...........

"That was really good, Mr. Ziegler," Jack said. "Thanks for taking me out to eat."

"You're very welcome, and please call me Toby," he said as he smiled at Jack. "Don't you and your mom go out to eat?"

"Not really. Mom's always out on dates and stuff. She doesn't have time." Jack looked down.

"Oh...I'm sorry," Toby said.

"It's okay, I liked spending the day with Derek. We had a lot of fun...until he fell that is. I'm really sorry."

Toby shook his head. "It's not your fault. Don't worry about it, okay?"

He nodded, "Okay."

The two finished their meal and Jack helped Toby to feed the twins.


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