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A Wonderful Life ~ 2

"CJ!" Toby yelled as he came into her office. "What happened?"

"Read this." She handed him a paper as she burst into tears. "Why Toby? Why did this have to happen?" CJ feel to the ground.

"Oh god, what happened?" Toby grabbed her without reading the paper.

"Read it!" CJ screamed.

"Ok." Toby looked at it and read it allowed. "We have conformation that CJ Cregg can no longer fit in her dresses anymore...CJ!" Toby growled.

"What?" CJ stood up. "I know. It's so sad, but I think this is something we can get through together. As long as you stick with me."

"CJ, what the hell! I thought something was seriously wrong!"

"There is!" CJ shot back. "I really can't fit in my clothes anymore, and now the press has it. That quote you just read is from Amy Case from the New York Post. That little..."

"Ok, ok." Toby took a deep breath. "Claudia, these emotional levels of yours are driving me crazy."

"I'm sorry." CJ started crying again. "I'm just a big, crazy person!" She screamed.

"Shhh...It's ok." Toby put her arms around her. "I meant that your mood are driving me crazy, like, more crazy in love with you. It's taking all I have not to keep my hands off you." Toby smiled.

"Really?" CJ smiled back.

"Yeah, would I lie to you?"

"Yes." CJ wiped some tears off her face.

"Now Claudia, turn that frown upside down."

"Now you're just bugging me." CJ pushed him away.

"Does this mean I can go?" Toby smiled.

"Fine, just leave me hear to pig out."

"I love you." Toby opened the door.

"I didn't mean for you to leave." CJ whined.

"I have to finish the speech." Toby walked up to her.

"I'll take you out to lunch, ok?"

"Ok, but I want a big meal." She smiled as he began to walk out.

"What else is new?" Toby mumbled softly.

"What?" CJ screamed.

"Nothing." Toby said quickly. "Bye." Toby darted down the hall.

"Get back here right now, you...Mr. President," CJ said, in shock.

"Hello CJ. Is something going on that I should know about?"

"No sir, it's nothing really." She tried her best to smile.

"So, if nothing's wrong, why do you sound so mad?" He looked at her expectantly.

"Oh, I was just having one of those moments."

"I see." He paused. "So, how is Derek doing?"

"He's doing great sir. He started school again today."

"That's right. Is that why you were late today?"

"Actually, we had a bit of car trouble so--"

"You got stuck in the middle of the road?"

"No sir. It was before we left the house. It's a long story."

"Ah, okay then. I just wanted to check up on you and the little one." He smiled at her. "How are you feeling anyway?"

"Better. The morning sickness is practically gone."

"Sir," Charlie said walking up to the two of them.

"Yes, Charlie?"

"You have a meeting right now."

"Ah, that's right. CJ, I'll see you later."

"Yes sir."

"Bye CJ," Charlie said as he followed Jed.

"Bye." She walked into her office and sat down. She needed to get off of her feet. Just then, Carol walked in.

"CJ, you have a call on line two."

"Who is it?"

"Derek's school. They said--"

"Thanks Carol." CJ picked up the phone as a confused Carol walked out of the office. "CJ Cregg," CJ answered.

"Hello Mrs. Ziegler?" Ms. Harmon said.

"Oh, yes, that's me, I go by Cregg and Ziegler...long story."

"Oh, alright. Anyway, I think you and your husband need to come down here. Derek said something about remembering something and then ran into the hall, crying."

"We'll be right down." CJ said and hung up. "Carol!"


"Get Toby."

"Yeah." Carol went to the phone and called him as CJ got her things together. "CJ." Carol walked in.


"He said he was kidding before. He doesn't want you to hurt him."

"Tell him it's about Derek, not the other thing."

"Yeah." Carol smiled and went back to the phone. As soon as Carol hung up, CJ heard Toby coming down the hall.

"What happened?" Toby looked at CJ who looked calm.

"Did someone else call you fat?" CJ's jaw dropped to the floor.

"You jerk! She did not come out and call me fat! You did."

"I didn't." Toby whined.

"It doesn't matter. Derek remembered about the fight, I think. We will talk about this later." CJ said before grabbing Toby's tie and leading him outside.

"What is going on," Toby asked as he and CJ reached the car.

"I told you, Derek remembered something." She and Toby got in the car and drove to the school.

"What do you mean, remembered something? Did he remember the fight? Aaron? What?"

"His teacher didn't say. All she said was that he was fine one minute, and then the next minute he was in the hall, in tears."

"Okay. Just remember what the doctor said. We have to try to keep him as calm as possible."

"I know." She took a deep breath.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine."


They finally reached the school. CJ parked the car and the two got out and walked into the school.

"Mr. And Mrs. Ziegler, hello," Ms. Klein said.

"Hello," CJ said. "Where is Derek and Ms. Harmon?"

"She took him into one of the conference rooms. I believe it was room 115."

"Thank you," Toby said as he and CJ dashed off to find room 115.


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