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A Wonderful Life ~ 17

"This is disgusting." Derek and Sam both said as they walked into the kitchen and saw CJ and Toby kissing on the table.

"Get a room." Sam said as he followed Derek out into the living room.

"I think we just got caught." CJ smiled.

"You think?" Toby smirked and jumped off her. "Dinner awaits us my dear." He put out his hand and helped CJ off the counter. They both walked out and saw Derek and Sam sitting down staring at the floor.

"What?" CJ asked.

"That was just wrong." Derek shook his head.

"Yeah, I mean, when we left, you were biting him." Sam pointed over at Toby.

"We make up fast." Toby smiled and grabbed a piece of pizza.

"Remind me never to come back over here again." Sam told Derek.

"I don't blame you." He said. Just then, the babies started crying.

"Well, I knew the silence wouldn't last for long." CJ smiled as her and Toby stood up to take care of them.

"I'm sorry pal. I didn't realize the environment you were living in." Sam patted Derek on the back.

"I feel like I'm getting more information here then I would in a sex education class."

"Believe me, so do I," Derek said as he took a slice of pizza.

Sam smiled. "So what do you plan on doing this weekend? Toby mentioned something about you having plans with your new friend."

"Yeah, hopefully we'll be able to have plans, if mom and dad can behave." Derek looked down at the floor.

"Everything okay?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, it's just...I don't know. I don't feel like they're spending as much time with me as they used to."

Sam nodded, "I know what you mean. See, they're just trying to take care of all of you at the same time, and since you are more grown up and independent, you're, well, independent. Know what I mean?"

"I guess."

"Hey trust me. Things will get back to normal. You'll see."

Derek nodded and finished eating his pizza.

CJ and Toby came downstairs a few minutes later.

"Well, they're asleep," CJ said as she took a slice of pizza.

"Great," Derek said.

"Sam, what did you do to my son?" Toby asked.

"Nothing. I simply told him that you guys are a little busier with the twins and stuff."

"It's okay, I understand. I know you still love me." Derek looked up and smiled a little.

"We do still love you. A lot." Toby said as he pulled Derek close to him and hugged him.

"I know it may seem like we're not spending a lot of time together like we used too." CJ said.

"The babies need you two more. I'm independent." Derek smiled.

"What the hell did you say to him?" Toby asked Sam.


"Sam didn't say anything. I'm a man who lives his own life." Derek said proudly while everyone looked at him in silence. "Sorry. I was having a moment."

"Never do that again." CJ said.

"Yeah." Derek smiled.

"Well, I have to admit, this has been a very interesting night." Sam smiled while eating some pizza.

"Tonight was nothing. You should have been here last night. Mom beat the crap out of dad because he lost the diaper bag."

"I didn't even lose it. She left it in the car." Toby whined. "I still have a red mark on my thigh."

"That's more info then I needed to know." Sam stopped Toby. "So, when are you starting back to work?" Sam asked CJ.

"I don't know. I can't see myself leaving my babies with complete strangers."

"Well, I can take them to school with me." Derek smiled.

"You want to change two sets of diapers?" Toby smiled.

"Never mind, bad idea." Derek went back to eating.

"CJ, we talked about this. We'll find someone we can trust. It will be fine."

"I know." CJ nodded and started eating some more pizza.

Two hours later....

"Thanks so much for coming, Sam." CJ said as she walked with him to the front door.

"My pleasure. I just have one request."

"What's that?"

"If I come over again, and I say if, please, can you and Toby whatever it is you normally do?"

CJ rolled her eyes. "Go on, get outta here."

"Is that any way to treat a guest?" Sam smiled and kissed CJ goodbye.

"Wait!" Derek ran up to Sam.

"What is it?" Sam asked.

"I just wanted to say goodbye." Derek smiled and hugged Sam.

Sam smiled and hugged Derek back. "It was great to see you again, buddy. Be good now, okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be good."

"He's always good," Toby said. "Thanks for coming Sam."

"It was a pleasure. So I'll see you at work on Monday?"


"Okay." Sam walked out the door and got in his car and drove home.

"We're forgetting something," Toby said as he closed the door. The sound of babies crying reminded him. CJ's eyes widened as she, Toby, and Derek ran upstairs to check on Samuel and Adina.

"He's hungry and she needs a diaper change," Derek said.

CJ and Toby looked at Derek.

"What? I know the cries too." He smiled.

"Ok, I'll get Samuel, you get Adina." CJ said while lifting Samuel up.

"I always get the stinky one." Toby smiled while getting the diaper bag.

"Well, I'd help and all, but I have tons of homework. You know...with school and stuff...see ya." Derek said quickly and ran to his room.

"Is it just me, or is he just trying to get out of changing a diaper?" CJ asked.

"Yeah." Toby said while taking off the diaper. "Ohhh!"

"What?" CJ asked.

"What did you feed her?" Toby covered his nose.

"The same thing I've been feeding her since she was born."

"It's like something crawled up there and died."

"It's not that...Ohhh!" CJ finally smelled it and covered her nose. "Is that you?"

"NO! It's her." Toby glared. "It's bad, huh?"

"That's rank!" She said.

"And look at her. All Adina can do is smile." He looked down at the smiling and laughing baby. "You do this just to gross daddy out, don't you?" Toby said in a baby voice, causing Adina to laugh harder.

"Put a diaper on."

"Shouldn't we air it out first."


"Ok. ok." He gave in and put another diaper on. "There we go, another one for you to dirty up." He said with a smile.

CJ rolled her eyes and smiled. She loved how Toby interacted with the twins. He was a true natural at it.

"What?" He asked when he saw her looking at him.

"Oh, nothing. It's just..."

"Just what?"

"You're so good with them." She smiled.

"You're not so bad yourself." He walked over to her and kissed her.

"Oy, again?!" Derek said as he walked into the room. He received a glare from both CJ and Toby.

"Don't you have homework or something," Toby asked.

"I am having some difficulty with it."

"Just a second," CJ said.


"Toby, can you take Samuel and put this shirt on him? He sort of spit up on this one."

"Yeah, yeah." He took Samuel and put a different shirt on him.

"Mom? Dad? I have a homework question--"

"Hold on, Derek," CJ said. "Does it look like he has a rash?" She asked Toby, showing him Samuel's stomach.

"Um, well, it's a bit red..."

"Mom? Dad?"

"Derek, hold on," Toby said. "Maybe we should call a doctor?"

Derek gave up and walked back to his room. As he did, he could hear CJ and Toby still talking about the babies. He laid down on his bed. "I knew it," he said quietly to himself.


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