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A Wonderful Life ~ 16

"Toby!" CJ screamed when she found the chicken in the garbage.

"It slipped in." Toby defended.

"Mom's going to kill dad." Derek said.

"Lets run for it before it's too late." Sam grabbed Derek and they went running.

"Traders!" Toby shouted.

"How could you throw my chicken away?" CJ screamed.

"I felt it was the right thing to do." Toby said while CJ walked closer to him. "Remember, I'm still recovering here."

"You're going to be recovering after I'm done with you." CJ warned.

"Have I ever told you how sexy you look when you're angry?" Toby smiled a little but was hushed by CJ smacking him across the head.

"That's just the beginning." CJ warned again.

"What's that?" Toby pointed behind her, as she turned to look, he took off.

"Get back here." She ran after him. As they ran through the house, Sam and Derek stood on top of the couch to get out of harms way.

"Is it always like this?" Sam asked.

"Every night." Derek laughed. "But tonight they seem to be more calmer." He said as CJ jumped over the table to block Toby and then tackled him.

"This is normal?" Sam asked confused.

"Yep. Happens all the time. It's a slow night tonight though, you should see them the rest of the time." He looked and saw CJ on top of Toby as he wined for her to stop biting him. "Yep. They're being good since you're here Sam. This is nothing compared to what happens the rest of the time. It's quite entertaining. You don't need cable with these two as parents."

"This is really an unhealthy relationship." He said as CJ and Toby stood.

"That was my ear." Toby moaned.

"Never throw my food away again baby."

"I love it when you call me baby." Toby smiled.

"Who wants pizza?" CJ glared as everyone raised their hands.

"Here's an idea," Sam said. "Why don't Derek and I get the pizza while you two...uh...clean up."

"Good idea, Sam, thanks," CJ said.

Toby nodded. "Yeah, Derek, go with Sam to get dinner."

"Aww, do I have to? This is more fun to watch." Toby and CJ glared at him.

"You know what? Getting pizza is sounding better by the second," Derek said as he moved towards Sam.

"Good," CJ said. "You go get dinner. Now."


"I said NOW!"


"Sam, what do you not understand about the word now?"

"Well, I understand it perfectly, it's just that--"

"Just that what?!"

"You never said what you wanted," he said in a somewhat high voice.

CJ thought for a moment. "Cheese. Pizza normally has cheese on it, does it not?!"

"Large cheese pizza coming right up." Sam grabbed Derek's hand and the two went out to Sam's car to get the pizza.

"Man, you're sure it's always like that?" Sam asked when they got into the car.

"Yep. Only since you were there, they were being civil."

Sam looked over at Derek. "That was civil?!"

"Yep." Derek smiled innocently.

Sam shook his head and started the car and the two went to go get dinner.

Back at the house....

"I can't believe you threw my dinner away! I was just going to bake it!"

"CJ, remember when you tried to do that before? Remember what happened?"

She glared at him. "That was a fluke. Something was wrong with the oven."

"Yeah, it was over-heated."

CJ whipped around and stared at him. "You are so going to get it now."

"CJ, poo-bear. Honey bunch. You know I love you so much." Toby backed away until he hit the counter.

"I'm tender right now." He whined as he brought his hands up to cover his face.

"Listen Mr. Julia Child, just because I'm not the best cook, doesn't mean I can't cook."

"That didn't really make sense sweetheart."

"Don't play grammar police with me Ziegler." She grabbed his hands and squeezed them as tight as she could.

"Ohhh!!!!" Toby dropped to the floor in pain.


"What, don't you like this?" CJ laughed.

"Come here." Toby tripped CJ with his leg and she fell on him. He started tickling her all over, causing her to start laughing. "How do you like that?"

"Stop...oh...stop..." CJ cried out.

"I'm the master of my domain." He said while stopping.

"We're too old for this." CJ tried to catch her breath.

"Speak for yourself, I'm young." Toby smiled.

"You have dimples." CJ smiled and rubbed his cheek.

"I don't.

"You do. How cute." CJ smiled and kissed him on the cheek, causing him the blush.

"I hate when you make me blush."

"Yes, but I do it so well." She smiled.

"I guess so," he said smiling. He then helped her up.

"I'm surprised the twins didn't wake up," CJ said as she took Toby's hand.

He shrugged. "They're probably used to this by now."

"Yeah, probably."

"So do you think Sam and Derek are going to come back?" He asked, looking at her.

"Hmm, I don't know. After what Sam witnessed, he's probably driving back to New York and taking Derek with him." She laughed.

He nodded, "I guess that's possible."

She sat down in one of the chairs in the kitchen. "Thanks."

"For what?"

"For what you said to Derek. That was really sweet. I had tears in my eyes."

"Oh, that. Yeah, it's true though."

"I know it is." She smiled and kissed him.

Sam's car....

"So do you think they've settled down by now," Sam asked as he drove back to the house.

"Maybe, but who knows. Sometimes they do this all night."

Sam glanced over at Derek. "Um you know there are some things are private, you know only for grown-ups..."

"I'm not talking about that! Gross! Jeez, Sam, what is on your mind?"

Sam laughed, "Sorry. So they 'fight' like that a lot?"

"Yeah, I guess it's healthy. I mean, they've never been happier."

Sam nodded as he pulled into the driveway. "Well here we are."

"I guess we should go in now," Derek said as the two got out of the car and walked into the house.


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