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A Wonderful Life ~ 13

Toby sat in the meeting, not really thinking about work. He kept thinking about CJ and how she was doing with the twins.

"Toby, what do you think about this?" Leo asked.

"Hmm?" Toby asked, coming back to the meeting.

"What do you think about the school districts wanting to have TA's in the classroom?" Leo asked again.

Toby thought for a moment. Since he was not paying attention before, he had no clue as to what Leo was talking about. "Um, great, yeah, okay."

Everyone looked at him.

"Are you alright, Toby?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Okay, is that all, or is there anything else," Leo asked everyone.

No one said anything.

"Okay, I guess we're done," Jed said. "Toby, it looks like you can go home now."

"It hasn't been two hours yet," he said, confused.

"Well, there really isn't much work that you have to do today, and Sam can handle your share." Leo said.

"But--" Sam started to say.

"No buts, Sam. Toby should be home with his family."

"Thank you, Leo," Toby said as he handed Sam the folder. It was rather light. "I'll see you tonight then," Toby asked.

"Yeah, sounds great," Sam said as they walked out of the meeting.

Back at home....

"Ok you two. What do you want to do now?" CJ smiled at the two babies laying in their seats. "I've showed you how to cook...Sort of. And I told you my life story. You seemed really interested in that Samuel." She smiled and started tickling him. She laughed as he started to smile. "You two are so cute. Even though you look like your daddy."

"CJ?" Toby ran in and ran upstairs screaming her name.

"Oh no, CJ?"

"I'm down here." She said while wondering what he was doing. "What is wrong with you?"

"I thought something happened."


"I called and nobody answered." Toby said trying to catch his breath.

"I turned it off. Someone, and I won't mention who, wouldn't stop calling. At first, the babies liked the noise, but it got annoying after a while Toby."

"Sorry." He looked down. "Where are they?"

"Over on the couch." She pointed. She couldn't help but smile. Toby was so cute when he was worried.

"Hey sweethearts." He said softly. "Daddy missed you so much." He bent over and kissed both of them on the head. "Did I miss anything while I was away?" He asked CJ.

"Yeah, they walked and started talking."

"Really?" He smiled.

"No, stupid." CJ rolled her eyes. "They spit up, and they pooped. Speaking of which..." She smiled. "I'm taking a bath."

"You can change them first."

"I have, many times. That's all they do, poop. Have fun honey." She kissed him and ran upstairs to take a bath.

Toby watched as she went up the stairs. He then looked back at the two little bundles who were now all of a sudden asleep. "So you wake up for mommy, but go to sleep for daddy. Okay." He smiled a little as he kissed their heads. He then sat down and read the paper. He had forgotten to do that when he ate breakfast.

Two hours later.....

CJ came back downstairs, completely refreshed from her nap. It was nice not having to change diapers every fifteen minutes. She walked into the den and couldn't help but to laugh at the sight. Toby had moved so that he was in between Adina and Samuel. He was asleep, as were they. "Hi there," she said as she walked over to them. "How are my sweeties?"

"We're great," Toby said.

"I was talking to the babies you goofball." She looked up and him and smiled.

"Did you know that they needed a diaper change like every ten minutes?"

"Yes, I did know that, which is why I went up to take a bath and a nap."

"Yeah, well it's my turn now," he said as he started to get up.

"Hold on. Look at the time."

"Okay." He looked at the clock on the VCR. "It's 2:45, so?"

"So it's time to pick Derek up from school."

He sighed, "Can't you get him? I'm so tired," he whined.

"Oh fine. I'll get him today, but you're getting him tomorrow. I want to go shopping and get them some clothes."

"CJ, they already have about a million..."

"So? I like buying clothes for my babies."

"What about Derek?"

"I have something in mind." She smiled and kissed him and the twins and then got her purse and left to go pick Derek up from school.

"Your mom is so weird." Toby smiled at the twins. Toby started to read his newspaper again when Samuel started to wake up. Toby didn't notice him until he started crying.

"Hey, what's wrong pal." Toby picked him up and cradled him. Which made him stop crying. "There you go. Everything is ok." He smiled and kissed Samuel's forehead. Toby rocked him back to sleep and laid him back down. Next thing he knew, the doorbell rang. Toby ran over to the door and swung it open.

"We were waiting at the airport for three hours Tobias Ziegler." Jack Cregg glared.

"That was today?" Toby looked down shocked. "I thought you guys were coming tomorrow."

"Today." Janet Cregg barged in. "Where are my grandkids at, before I kill you." She warned.

"Sleeping." Toby whispered.

"What, did you bore them to death with one of your speeches." Janet smiled.

"Very funny."

"Where's Claudia?"

"She went to get Derek. She should be back soon." Toby looked over at them.

"I'm hoping." He mumbled quietly.


CJ waited patiently in the car for Derek to come out. Finally, after ten minutes of waiting, he came out.

"Hi mom!" He said as he got into the car.

"Hey, what took you so long," she asked as she kissed his head.

"I was talking to Jack, sorry."

"It's alright," she said as she started the car and drove home.

"So where are Samuel and Adina," Derek asked as they continued to drive home.

"They're waiting for us at home, as is dad."

"He's home?"

"Yeah, he's only working half days." CJ pulled into the driveway and saw a rental car there. "Uh oh," she said quietly.

"What's wrong mom?" He looked at the car. "Who's here?"

"I think...oh no!" CJ quickly parked the car in the garage, got Derek out, and walked into the house. "Toby, we're home," she said.

"Oh thank goodness you're alright," Janet said to her daughter.

"Of course I am mom," CJ said as she smiled and hugged her mother.

"Dad, it's great to see you. How are you feeling?"

"Better, thanks honey." He kissed her. "And who is this strapping young man?"

"This is--"

"I'm Derek. I live with them now," he said, pointing to CJ and Toby.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Derek," Janet said.

"I'm CJ--you're mom's mom, which makes me your grandmother."

"I have a grandmother?!" Derek looked excited.

"You sure do." Janet smiled and hugged him.

"Cool." Derek smiled. "Does that make you my grandfather?" He looked over at Jack.

"I guess so." He smiled and hugged him.

"How long have they been here?" CJ whispered over at Toby.

"Long enough." Toby groaned back.

"I forgot they were coming today..."

"I know. I heard all about it." Toby said sarcastically.

"You ok?"

"They think I'm doing too much and I'm going to have another stroke." Toby whispered.

"There are just being protective..."

"CJ, they won't even let me hold the kids. They say I need to stay calm and sit down a lot."

"They didn't..."

"They did." Toby looked at her seriously.

"Claudia, come here honey." Janet motioned for her. "I think Samuel needs a diaper change."

"I told Toby he could be on diaper control today." CJ smiled.

"Claudia Jean, Toby is in no position to do that. He needs his rest."

"I fine, I just..."

"I don't want to hear it Tobias, you're stubborn and you will listen to me. Claudia." Janet warned.

"I'm going, I'm going." CJ moaned and picked Samuel up and changed his diaper.

"Thank you." Janet smiled.

CJ went upstairs mumbling to herself, once again leaving Toby alone with his in-laws.

"So Derek, how was school," he asked, trying to take the attention off of him.

"It was good. Jack and I are going to have plans on Thursday."

"That's great." Toby smiled.

"Did CJ say that was okay," Janet asked in a somewhat warning voice.

"It's fine with her," Derek said. "She said I could in the car on the way home."

"Okay then." Janet smiled at Derek.

Toby picked Adina, who was now awake, up. "Good afternoon," he said as he held her in his arms.

"Toby should you be holding her? Don't you think you need a break from that?"

"Janet, I am fine, really. I've been holding her everyday."

"Don't talk back. Now Toby cooperate. Come on. Hand her to me. I'll take care of her." Janet carefully took a crying Adina out of Toby's arms. "She just needs to be held."

"Actually, I think she's hungry," Toby said.

"Toby, I think I know babies a little better than you," she said sharply.

"It's okay, grandma's here," Janet said, trying to calm a still crying Adina down.

CJ walked back down the stairs with Samuel. "Oh, she's up? She must be hungry." CJ handed Samuel to Toby and took Adina from her mother and sat down and fed her. Adina stopped crying.

"I could have sworn she just wanted to be held." Janet sat down.

"It's okay mom, it's hard to determine a baby's cry sometimes."

"No, it's not okay," Toby said as he handed Samuel to Derek who was now sitting down.


"No CJ, I can't take this anymore. I think I know how to take care of my children," he said to Janet and Jack.


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