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A Wonderful Life ~ 10

"What's happening?" Toby yelled.

"CJ, honey, you need to push again. I need some more nurses in here!" The doctor yelled.

"What is it doctor?" One of the nurses came back.

"She's having another one, I need help here."

"Another one!" CJ screamed. "Oh...It's coming!"

"CJ, push." CJ didn't know what was happening. But she pushed and she heard a familiar sound. Crying.

"Congratulations, it a girl." The doctor smiled and handed the girl over to CJ.

"How did this happen? There's no more right?" CJ yelled. Just then, the doctor handed her the baby.

"She must have been hiding behind her brother the whole time. We missed her. This sometimes happens."

"This is amazing." Toby said into CJ's ear.

"This is your daughter." CJ smiled. The nurse gave Toby their son and he held him.

"This is your son." He cried. He couldn't believe this happened. And so fast.

He was holding his son and looking at his daughter. It felt so unreal, but he was so happy.

"Would you like to cut the umbilical cords, Mr. Ziegler," the doctor asked.

Toby looked baffled. "I...sure." He smiled. He took the scissors the doctor held out for him and did as the doctor said.

"Good job daddy," the doctor said. "We'll leave you all alone for a while."

"Thank you, doctor," CJ said quietly."

"You're more than welcome," he said.

"Congratulations." He and the nurse walked out of the room.

"So, this is why I got so big," CJ said.

"I guess so."

"What are we going to tell Derek?"

He thought for a minute. "That he has a new brother and sister."

She smiled. "Okay."

"What should we name them?" CJ asked aloud.

"I was thinking that for our daughter...Adina. It was my grandmother's name. Adina Elisabeth Ziegler."

"I love it." She smiled.

"You get to name our son."

"Hmm." She thought about it. What would be the perfect name?

"How about we name him after someone who has always been there for us." She smiled.

"I think that's a great idea."

"Someone who helped us through it all. Samuel Jacob Ziegler." CJ smiled. "Jacob was my great grandfather's name."

"I love it." Toby kissed her forehead. "Want to switch?"

"Yeah." CJ smiled as they switched babies. She now held her son and he now held his daughter.

"Does this feel unreal to you?"

"Yeah, but it also feels good." She smiled.

"I'm sorry, but there are a ton of very inpatient people out here." The nurse said as she walked in.

"Who are they?"

"Well, I know one of them happens to be the President. And you know how hard it is telling him he needs to wait?"

"Yes, we do."

"I'm suppose to send one person in at a time, but if we did it that way, we would be here for years."

"Can they all come in, just for a little while." CJ asked.

"I guess, but no one will have any room to move." The nurse said as she went to get everyone.

CJ and Toby watched as the President, Abbey, Josh, Sam, Donna, Carol, Margaret, Bonnie, and Ginger walked in.

"Wow. We knew there were some people out there, but not the entire West Wing," CJ said, laughing a little.

"Wait a minute," Jed said.

"Yes sir," Toby said.

"You have two babies there." Jed smiled. He knew what had happened, but wanted to hear the two say it.

"Well, apparently all this time I have been carrying twins," CJ said.

"What are their names," Donna asked.

"This is Adina Elisabeth Ziegler," Toby said as he held up his daughter. Sam smiled at him. He was right; Toby was able to hold his daughter.

"And this is Samuel Jacob Ziegler," CJ said, smiling at Sam.

Sam looked flustered. "His name is Samuel?"

"Sam, after all you've done for's the least we could do for you." CJ said.

Sam smiled. "Oh, I have a surprise for you two."

"You do?"

"Yep." He went into the hall and got Derek.

"Mom! Dad! I came here with--" His eyes grew wide.

"Why are there two of them?"

"You don't only have a brother or a sister," Toby said. "You have a brother and a sister."

"I do?"

"Yes, you do. Samuel and Adina." CJ said.

"Wow." Derek smiled and looked at the two of them.

"You two really know how to get pregnant, don't you?" Derek said as everyone laughed.

"Well, we try." Toby laughed.

"Dad, you can talk." Derek smiled.

"I could always talk, just not well." Toby smiled and kissed Derek on the forehead. "How do you like them?"

"They're beautiful dad." Derek leaned in and kissed each baby on the head.

"They both look like you dad."

"I think the girl looks like CJ." Toby pointed out.

"No, they both have your eyes, your nose, and your lack of hair." Derek grinned.

"Very funny." Toby glared.

"I try." Derek smiled again.

"So, how's the mom?" Abbey smiled.

"I feel good. Better then I've ever felt." CJ smiled and kissed Samuel's head.

"So, who are going to be the god-parents?" Josh asked quickly.

"Wow, leave it to Josh to jump right in," Toby said laughing a little.

"Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is curious here." Josh said.

CJ and Toby looked at each other. He nodded at CJ to tell everyone what they had come up with.

"Well," CJ said, "We have decided that since all of you are such close friends, that we would love it if you all be his godparents." She smiled at Toby.

"Really?" Jed asked, amazed.

"Yes, really. So what is your answer," Toby asked.

"I'd be honored," Josh said.

"As would I, even though it's a bit strange. I mean--"

"JOSH!" They all yelled, including Derek.

"So I guess you all will be their godparents," CJ said.

They all nodded.

"I think we'll leave you two alone now," Abbey said as everyone started leaving the room.

"Thank you for coming," CJ said.

After everyone left, Derek turned to his parents. "Can I hold one of them?"

"Sure," Toby said. "Who would you like to hold? Adina or Samuel?"

"Samuel. I want to hold my baby brother. Then I want to hold my baby sister." He smiled.

CJ handed Derek the little baby boy. Derek sat down in a chair and held his brother. He looked up at his parents and smiled.


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