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A Wonderful Life ~ 1


It has been three months. During that time, CJ and Toby helped Derek get back into the swing of things. He has been home recovering. Derek's teacher has been coming over to the house to tutor him, just so he doesn't get that far behind. Derek has been ready to get back to school. He was excited because today was his first day back. Oh, and CJ is now four months pregnant.

A Wonderful Life ~ 1

"Mom. Wake up." Derek shook CJ.

"What?" She jumped up.

"What happened?" Toby jumped out of bed and looked around. "Who's there?"

"Calm down dad, it's just me." Derek started laughing.

"Oh." Toby looked around once again. "I knew that." He sat back down and rubbed his eyes.

"For some reason, I remembered something this morning." Derek smiled. CJ and Toby both looked over at him.

"Derek, do you remember the fight?"

"No." Derek looked down. "I remember my first day at school. And the second day."

"What about them?" Toby asked.

"I was always late to school because of you two, now come on." Derek smiled and pulled CJ's arm to get her up. "Wow mom, you're getting big." Derek looked at CJ's stomach.

"I'm not that big." CJ looked down and looked over at Toby. "Am I?" She felt tears fall down her face.

"Oh honey." Toby walked over and hugged her. "No, you look great." Toby said while hitting Derek in the arm.

"Um...I'll go make some breakfast." Derek ran out.

"Were you just being nice," CJ asked as she wiped the tears from her face.

"No. You are beautiful. You are the most beautiful woman I know." He smiled at her. "Why don't you go take a shower and get dressed?"

"Okay." She walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

Half an hour later.....

"Are we ready yet," Derek asked as he put his coat on.

"Almost," CJ said. "Go get in the car."

"Okay." He ran out to the garage. He was very excited about starting school again. It had been way too long. He waited patiently for CJ and Toby to come.

Finally, the two came out of the house and into the garage and got into the car.

"Sorry about that, Derek," Toby said. "Your mom here has been whining a little too much." She hit him in the arm. "Ouch."

"I'm pregnant! I'm entitled to it!"

Derek laughed. "You two are way too funny."

"Yeah, yeah," Toby said as he put his seat belt on.

"Are we going to be late?" Derek asked.

"No, why would you ask that," CJ said.

"Because dad looks really mad."

CJ looked over at Toby. "What is going on?"


CJ leaned over and looked at the dash board. She noticed a little light flashing. "Oy vey. Again?!"

"Maybe it's a glitch," Toby said as he attempted to start the car. He had no luck.

"You doofus. You didn't take the car in when it started making those noises, did you?" CJ glared at him.

"I forgot. Ok. I'm not perfect." Toby hit the wheel.

"Got that right!"

"Let's just take mom's car." Derek jumped out. "Come on, hurry."

"You better be believing that I'm driving." CJ glared as they walked to her car.

"Dad, can I use your cell phone?"

"What?" Toby looked over at him.

"I need to make a call." Derek said before getting in the car.

"Umm... I guess." Toby took his phone out and gave it to him.

"Get in the car!" CJ snapped from the other side.

"Better listen to mom." Derek smiled as he dialed the number. Toby got in and put his seat belt on.

"Are we ready?" CJ said while starting the car. "Would you hear that?"

"What?" Toby asked while looking around.

"It is the sound of a car starting."

"Shut up." Toby pouted.

"Hey!" Derek said from the back, Toby turned around and saw he was on the phone.

"No, I think I'm going to be late." Derek laughed.

"But what else is new?"

"Derek?" Toby said as CJ pulled out of the driveway.

"Hold on." Derek put the phone down. "Yeah?"

"Who are you talking to?"


"Ok." Toby turned back around.

"He's coming over tonight." Derek said as he got back on the phone.

"Did he ask you if Jack could come over?" Toby asked CJ.

"No, I thought he asked you." CJ looked over at him.


"Oh, sorry. I forgot to ask if he could come over." Derek said from the back. "It's ok, right?"

"Sure." CJ smiled.

"You think we should give into him that easy?"

"It's his first day back at school Toby, let him have some fun."

"Yeah." Toby looked out the window and was silent for the rest of the drive.

"We're here," CJ said as she pulled up to the front of the school.

Derek jumped out of the car and greeted his teacher who was standing there, waiting for them to come. "Sorry I'm late, Ms. Harmon. We had some--"

"Derek." Toby said in a low warning voice.

"Some what," his teacher asked.

"Some problems with breakfast," Derek said. His teacher laughed. "Bye mom, bye dad, I love you!"

"We love you too," Toby said as Derek walked into the school with his teacher.

CJ waved to Derek and then drove away. "Well, he seems like he'll be just fine."

"Don't do that."

"Do what?" She looked at him for a second.

"Jinx things. Don't say everything will be fine."



"fine." She drove to the White House.

A few hours later.......

CJ walked into the briefing room and greeted the press. "Good morning. Before I take questions, I would just like to announce that..."

"Toby saw her and smiled. She hadn't been that happy in a while. He walked to his office and began to work on his speech.

"I will now take questions." CJ said when she was finished briefing. "Katie."

"CJ, is the President going to be signing the new education bill?"

"Yes, that will be tomorrow afternoon sometime." Carol walked up to CJ and handed her a note. CJ looked at Carol with a look of worry on her face. "Get Toby," she mouthed.

Carol nodded.

"Toby!" Ginger said.


"CJ needs to talk to you."

"Is everything okay?"

"I don't know. She looked pretty worried."

Toby hurried out of his office and went to find CJ. "What happened?"


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