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A Few Minutes

All she had to do was stand up and ask if she could go into the room and see him; talk to him; hold his hand. Yet she didn't stand. It was as if there was a weight on her feet, not allowing her to stand up and walk over to the doctor.

"Ms. Cregg?" The doctor said for the third time.

She slowly lifted her head from her hands and looked at him. "Y-Yes?"

"We are allowing visitors in to see Mr. Ziegler and your friends have said that they would like you to see him first."

She looked around at Sam, Josh, and Leo. They nodded. "O-Okay." She slowly stood up and followed the doctor to the room. It wouldn't be long until they were together again.


He tried over and over to open his eyes, yet nothing happened. He had to be all right for her. He didn't want her to worry so much; he wanted her to know that he was going to be okay. Then he heard it.

"Okay Mr. Ziegler, we're going to let a friend of yours in to see you," the nurse said as if he was awake.

'Yes, finally, I'll see her again,' he thought to himself. Or at least he wanted to see her again. But would he?


She stood there at the open door, not knowing what to do. Seeing him hooked up to all those machines...Where was he under all of that? She walked into the room, slowly and stood by his bedside. Tears began to fall down her face as she looked at his pale complexion and his closed eyes. She had never seen him like this before; not even when he was sleeping had she seen him like this.


He could tell she was there. But she wasn't taking his hand. Why wasn't she taking his hand? He wanted so much to just reach out and take hers, but it just wasn't happening. He could tell she was crying. He wanted to wipe the tears away. If he could just wake up. If she could only take his hand.


CJ sat down in the chair the nurse provided for her. Once the nurse left, she turned back to Toby. "Come on, Toby. Wake up. I know you can. All you have to do is want to. You have to know how much you mean to your friends, to me." She took his hand in hers and kissed it. "I love you, Toby," she whispered.


He could feel the warmth of her hands over his. He felt her kiss his hand. He was able to hear what she said; every single word of it. 'Wake up, Toby,' he thought to himself. 'Wake up for her. Make it known to her that you're stronger than this.'


She didn't let go of his hand. With her free hand, she caressed his cheek. "Please come back to me," she said as more tears gathered in her eyes. All she needed was for him to know that she loved him. Then she felt it. She looked down at his hand which lay in hers.


'You don't want her to cry. You want her to be happy,' he thought to himself. He needed to gather strength--for her. Slowly, very slowly, he made himself try harder than ever to move his hand. Finally, he could feel his hand moving. He was waking up...And it was all thanks to her.


It wouldn't be long until they would be together again.

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