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A Different Kind Of Family ~ 8

CJ just stood there in the hall, thinking of anything to get Danny off her back. She knew part of him was doing his job, but the other half was doing this because of personal feelings.

"CJ." Carol walked up next to her. "The briefing."

"Oh, yeah." CJ walked to the pressroom, and couldn't help but think about Toby and Derek. This was going to drive her crazy. She needed a way out.

"Good afternoon all." CJ smiled as she went in.

"Hi." Everyone said together.

"Ok, I have nothing new to report, but..." CJ started.

"CJ, I have a question." A reporter stood.

"Ok, yes?"

"I have a source that states that she has a document of some kind signed by a Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler. Is Toby Ziegler married, and if so, why haven't we been told? Second, the document has something to do with their son. Do you any comment on that?"

CJ felt her jaw drop. She looked at Danny, who in turn was on his cell phone yelling at someone.

"Like I stated a long time ago, we don't comment on the personal lives of the senior staff..."

"The source described the woman she saw sign the document, and the way she described her sounded a lot like you."

"Now how is that possible. Look, Toby is not married, and, look..."

"The source tells me the name signed on the document was yours."

"Look..." CJ started but was hushed by every reporter, now on their feet screaming her name and questions. CJ tried to calm them down, but was unsuccessful.

"CJ." Carol screamed loud enough for CJ to hear her.

"What?" CJ looked over and saw Carol holding CJ's cell phone.

"It's Toby."

"Thanks." CJ told Carol to finish up the briefing by telling them that something came up. "Toby," CJ said into the phone once she was back in her office.

"Yeah, hi, I just wanted to let you know that--"

"Listen, we have a problem," she said, interrupting him.

"What kind of problem," Toby asked.

"Are you sitting down?" He looked for the chair he was in before. "Yes."

"Okay." She took a deep breath. "They know."

"They know what, and who is they?" He asked, growing concerned.

"Okay, first off, Danny somehow found the consent form saying that it was okay for the doctors to operate on Derek. He said that he saw I signed my name 'Ziegler' instead of 'Cregg.' Now..." She couldn't finish. She grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyes.

Toby, on the other hand, was fuming. "He what?! How the hell did he get his grubby little hands on that document?!" He yelled.

"I don't know," she said, her voice weak. "But now the entire Press Corps knows, and they will stop at nothing to find out what is going on." She took a deep breath. "And there's one more thing."

"What? What else is there?"

"Danny's blackmailing me," she said quietly. "He said he wants to be the first one to talk to the President about his MS and he doesn't...he..."

"He what, CJ," Toby asked, his voice softer. "I'm here for you. Please, tell me."

She gathered her strength. "He doesn't want you and I seeing seeing each other, at all." She awaited his response.

"That's it! I'm coming over, I'm going to kill him." Toby started yelling.

"Toby. Toby." CJ screamed back trying to get his attention.

"What? CJ, I will handle this..."

"No, Derek needs you there Toby. I will handle this. Look, don't worry about it. I thought you would hear about this soon, so I told you..."

"CJ." Carol interupped her.

"Toby, hold on." CJ put the cell phone away from her ear. "Yeah?"

"Leo wants you in his office now." Carol said. "And I mean, now."

"Yeah." CJ took a deep breath and put the phone back up. "I have to see Leo. I want you to stay there Toby."


"Promise me Toby, you'll stay there with Derek."

"I promise." Toby took a deep breath.

"Thank you. I'll come by tonight to see you two."



"We'll get through this."

"Yeah." CJ smiled and hung up. She took a long, deep breath before walking down the hall to Leo's office.

She walked to the outer area of Leo's office. Margaret was at her desk.

She looked up and saw a very nervous looking CJ standing there. "Go on in, he's expecting you," she said to CJ.

"Thanks," she said as she walked into Leo's office. "Leo, I would first like to say that--"

"I don't care, CJ! What in the world is going on here?!" Leo yelled.


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