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A Different Kind Of Family ~ 6

"CJ." Sam yelled from down the hall. "CJ." CJ stopped and turned around.

"Why didn't you stop before?" Sam asked out of breath.

"Because you were yelling like a mad man. You could have waited until I was in my office." CJ said sarcastically.

"Sorry." Sam grinned. "Where's Toby. Ginger said he had some family thing..."

"He's out for the day."

"The day!" Sam snapped. "He has three meetings today."

"I'll talk to Leo." CJ said too calmly for Sam.

"Why are you so calm, and why do I get the feeling you know what's going on here?" Sam asked loudly.

"Toby does have a family emergency Sam. So he's going to be out for the day." CJ smiled. "Now, go do some work. I have to go see Leo." CJ patted a confused Sam on the back and walked off. Leaving Sam wondering what just happened.

CJ walked into the outer part of Leo's office. "Hello, Margaret, is he in?"

"Yeah, but he's in a bit of a mood, and he's been looking for you and Toby..."

"Okay, thanks." CJ walked into Leo's office before Margaret could say anything. "Morning, L--"

"Morning?! Morning?! CJ where the hell have you been all morning? I have had to cover for you, Carol has been trying to cover for you and you have a briefing at 12:00, in five minutes!" Leo yelled.

"Look, I'm sorry, but Toby--"

"Toby! Where the hell is Toby for goodness sakes! Sam has been going to meetings for him all morning, Larry and Ed have attempted to cover for him, but keep messing up! Get him here now!"

"Leo, relax," CJ said calmly. "Let me exp--"

"Relax?! How do you expect me to relax when all morning the Communications Director and the Press Secretary have been missing?!"

"Leo, let me explain!" CJ yelled, matching his voice. That caused Leo to simply sit down and look at CJ in awe.

"Okay, okay. Where were the two of you?" He asked, his voice softer.

"Toby had a family emergency, and since I was...with his office when he got the phone call, we both left..."

He nodded, "All right, but there is still one thing."

"What's that," she asked.

"You both went in one car over to wherever you went?"

"Yes," she said, trying to keep her composure.

"Then why is your car no longer in the parking lot?!" He stood up. "CJ, I want the truth, and I want it now." He looked at her.

CJ stood there trying to come up with something to say. She could tell that Leo's eyes where on her.

"Leo, Toby had a family emergency, ok?" CJ said loudly. "I knew that he would probably stay there, so I took my own car because I was planning on coming back." CJ said all in one breath.

"Then why did you just say that you both took one car?" Leo ask angerly.

"I misunderstood the question." CJ tryed to get out of it.

"Ok, I don't believe you, but you have a breifing in, like a minute. So we will talk later." Leo started to read something off his desk.


"Go do your job." Leo snapped.

"Yes sir." CJ tryed not to yell and walked out. She walked down the hall quickly back to her office to get her notes for the briefing. She just wanted to get it done so she could go back to the hospital.

CJ walked to the door of the press room where she found a very nervous Carol. "Okay, I'm back. Anything weird happen while I was gone," CJ asked in a joking manner.

"CJ, if I were you, I would be very careful when going in there..." Carol said rather nervously.

"Is something wrong?" CJ looked at her. Carol gave no response except for a look of worry. "Carol, is something..."

"Someone saw you and Toby at the hospital, CJ. They followed you from here to Toby's house, then to the hospital."

CJ's face turned to a look of horror. "Who was it," she asked as calmly as possible.

"That's the thing," Carol said.

"Carol, who the hell followed Toby and me?!" CJ's voice was growing louder.

Carol took a deep breath, "That's the thing," she said quietly. She took her into CJ's office and closed the door. "CJ, it was Danny," she said as she watched CJ's face turn to a mixture of anger and fear.

"Oh my G-d," CJ muttered.


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