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A Different Kind Of Family ~ 5

CJ and Toby were waiting for over an hour. No one had been out to talk to them, and they were starting to get worried.

"I hate this!" Toby yelled while jumping up.

"Waiting?" CJ looked up at him.

"Yeah." Toby said quietly while he looked at CJ.

"He'll be alright Toby." CJ said while getting up to join him.

"Thanks for staying." Toby smiled weakly.

"He seems like a good kid. And well, you're ok too."

CJ smiled and hugged Toby's arm. "Even though you're an old fart." She laughed.

"At least I'm not an old nag." Toby laughed.

"Very funny." CJ hit him in the arm.

"Yeah, I thought it was." He smiled.

"I envy the kid." CJ sat back down.

"Why's that," Toby looked down at her.

"Because he makes you change when you're with him. You're caring and loving. I guess I'm just jealous that he can change you in the way that I couldn't."

"CJ..." Toby started but was stopped by the doctor.

The two stood up when Dr. Spencer walked in. "Well, how was the operation," Toby asked, taking CJ's hand again.

"Let me just start off by saying that in the end, it was a success, but--"

"But?!" CJ said, interrupting the doctor, "But?! What do you mean, 'but?' Did something go wrong? Did he lose blood? Did he--"

"Please, Mrs. Ziegler, relax, I can assure you that he is fine. Won't you please sit down?" CJ and Toby sat down, as did the doctor, who sat across from them. "Anyway, right after we made the incision, we saw that if we didn't take the appendix out right away, it would have burst. So, because of that, we are going to have to keep him here for a few extra days, just to make sure everything is all right."

"But he is okay," Toby asked.

"Yes, he will be fine, and I'm sure he'll make a full recovery."

"May we go see him now," CJ asked.

"Yes, he's in room 406. You may go in now if you'd like."

"Thank you," Toby and CJ said at the same time. They walked off in the direction of room 406.

"May I help you?" A nurse stopped CJ and Toby before they could go in to see Derek.

"The doctor said that we could go in." Toby said.

"Are you family?" The nurse asked.

"Yes, we're..." Toby started.

"His parents." CJ finished. She smiled as she felt Toby's grip of her hand .

"I'm sorry, I just need you to sign in. Just so we know that you are his parents." The nurse handed them a form. "Don't worry, it's just some legal stuff assuring us that he is you're son." The nurse smiled.

Toby and CJ looked at each other for a minute then looked down at the form.

"Um, of course." Toby smiled weakly and picked up the pen. He looked at CJ and saw her nod. He moved his hand down and hovered the pen above the line he needed to sign. He knew this would come back up and probably bite him in the ass. But if he didn't, Derek would be taken away. He lowered it more and signed. Taking a huge breath as he did so. He felt CJ's hand run his back. He moved back and felt CJ lean against his body.

"If something happens, we'll handle it together." She whispered in his ear. Then she picked up the pen and sighed her name to the form. Toby turned and smiled at her. She held his hand tight as they went in the room. Each wondering what was going to come from them signing a legal document stating that they were, indeed, parents of Derek.

They knew that it wouldn't happen today, but they knew that it was bound to happen one day. And probably sooner then later. But at that moment, the only thing that they wanted to do was see Derek.

Toby looked once more at the piece of paper and saw that CJ didn't sign her name as 'CJ Cregg', but rather as 'CJ Ziegler.' He looked at her and she gave him a reassuring smile. "It'll be fine," she whispered. "Remember, we're in this together."

He nodded and the two walked into Derek's room. Each sat on either side of the bed and looked down at Derek who had yet to wake up. Toby, being a little impatient, tapped Derek on the shoulder, "Derek, it's me, Toby. Can you hear me?"

"Hmm? What?" Derek said, opening his eyes a little. "Toby!" He said as he tried to sit up, but felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Derek, don't sit up yet," CJ said as she helped him to lay back down again. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay, I guess. My side hurts though."

"Well, the doctor said that you would be in a little bit of pain for a couple of days, but that's why you're going to stay here for a little while longer..."

"What? No! I don't want to stay in the hospital! I want to go home with you, Toby!" Derek now had tears in his eyes. "Please don't make me stay."

"I'm sorry, Derek, but it's best for you. I want you to get well again, and if staying in the hospital for a few extra days will do the trick, then you're going to stay, got it?"

"Yes, sir," he said quietly as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Will you and CJ stay with me though?"

CJ looked at Derek, "Well, I think that Toby can stay for a while, but I have to get back to work and give a brief--give a presentation to my boss and some other people. But I'll come back as soon as I'm done."

"I may have to go in for a little while too, Derek, but I'll come right back here..." He looked up at CJ who was gesturing for him to go and talk to her. "What?"

"I'll let Leo know that you had a family emergency. I'm sure Sam can cover for you." She smiled.

"You'll do that?"


"Thanks." He kissed her on the cheek.

The two then walked back to the bed. "Well, I need to be going now," CJ said as she bent down and kissed Derek's forehead. "I'll see you later." She then looked at Toby. "I'll see you later as well," she said as she kissed his cheek and patted his back. She then walked out of the hospital room.

Toby sat down next to Derek and grab his hand. He saw Derek smiling at him.

"What are you smiling at?" Toby asked sarcastically.

"Nothing." Derek smiled.

"Nothing my butt, what's so funny?"

"You two." Derek tryed to move, but was unsuccessful and stopped.

"What do you mean?" Toby tryed to hide the grin he had on his face.

"You always mentioned CJ to me, but now that I got to see you two together, I now know that my thought about you two was right." Derek said softly.

"And what was that?"

"That you like each other."

"I've known her for twenty years, of course we like each other."

"You know what I mean Toby. You two more then like each other."

"Not true." Toby said.

"Yes true." Derek smiled.

"Get some sleep. We'll talk about this later." Toby could tell Derek was feeling some more pain.

"Thank you." Derek said while he shut his eyes.

"For what?"

"Loving me." Derek managed to let out before falling to sleep. Toby smiled and kissed him lightly and covered him up. He then sat down and watched Derek closely. Making sure nothing would go wrong.


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