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A Different Kind Of Family ~ 3

Toby saw all the papers and all the messages on his desk. This was his life. This is all he knew. His job has always come first. It even ruined his marriage. Now, there's this kid who has no home, no family, and no one to take care of him. Toby didn't want to kid to stay at his home at the beginning, but after they started talking, Toby started to respect the kid. Toby sees himself in Derek. Outgoing, passionate, and in his own little way, loving.

"Toby." Ginger came in and disrupted Toby's thought.

"What?" Toby shook it off and sat down to go back to work.

"There's someone on the phone for you. He says it's urgent." Ginger said.

He nodded and picked up the phone and pushed the line that was blinking.

"Toby Ziegler," he said into the phone.

"Mr. Ziegler, it's Derek," Derek said in a somewhat groggy voice.

"Is everything all right, Derek," Toby asked, now concerned.

"I'm not feeling very well sir. I am really dizzy and I feel plain old sick. I didn't mean to bother you, but you said..."

"It's okay, I'm on my way," Toby said. "I'll be there in 10, 15 minutes tops, all right?"

"Okay," Derek said, his voice now a little shaky.

Toby could tell that Derek was either crying or on the verge of tears. He and Derek hung up.

"Ginger, I need to go. Tell Leo that I had emergency."

"But your family doesn't live in D.C., Toby," Ginger started to say. She stopped when she realized the look Toby was giving her. "Okay, I'll let Leo know."

"Thank you," he said. He then got up and walked out of the communications bullpen.

CJ had just finished her briefing and saw him leaving. However, he left before she could ask where he was going, so she went to Ginger.

"Hey, where's moron going to quickly?" CJ smiled at Ginger.

"I have no idea. All he said is that it was a family emergency." Ginger said. "I thought none of his family lived here in DC."

"They don't." CJ whispered before walking back to her office quickly.

"Carol." CJ bellowed before walking into her office.

"Yes." Carol said slowly.

"I need to take off for a little while. I'll be back before the briefing this after noon."

"Where are you going?"

"I have to go check something out. Call me if you need me." CJ said while putting on her coat.

"Yeah." Carol said confused.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." CJ smiled.

"You hardly ever, so I guess this is the first." Carol joked.

"Go do some work." CJ said sarcastically and walked out.

CJ drove over to Toby's house and saw that his car was already there. She got out and walked up to the front door and knocked on it. When no one answered, she took the key she had to Toby's house and opened it.

"Hello," she called out to someone, if anyone.

Toby came to the stairs, "CJ, what are you doing here?" He asked softly.

"Ginger said you had some sort of family emergency, and I know for a fact that you don't have any family in D.C. So what's going on, Toby?" She walked up the stairs.

"Derek...He...He's sick," he said in a soft tone.

"Is he all right?"

"Well, so far it's a fever, and a high one at that," he said. Worry could be detected in his voice.

"How high," she asked.


"What?! Toby, he needs to go to the hospital! I mean, he could have some kind of virus or something."

"Yeah, I know, it's just--He doesn't want to go." He looked up at her.

"Why not?"

"He said it reminds him of what happened to his parents." Toby knew what CJ was going to ask next, so he answered before she could ask, "I don't know what happened to them. he wouldn't tell me."

Before either could talk anymore, they could hear Derek moaning about pain in the next room. The two walked in.


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