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A Different Kind Of Family ~ 11

Leo smiled and sat in CJ's couch. "I made a call earlier. I have a friend who works there. He told me that he could probably get you custody of Derek. You have a stable job, you have a stable income. There's just one problem." Leo told Toby.

"What's that?" Toby asked.

"Well, if you were to adopt Derek, that would give him a father. The DCFS wants a father and a mother for the kids they have. And last time I checked, you weren't married." Leo said quietly.

"So I can't get him because I'm not married?" Tob asked coldly. "That's bull. That kid is better off with me then being in a foster home until he's 18..."

"What if I was there?" CJ asked. All the men in the room looked at her.

"What?" Toby asked.

"I'm not saying we get married Toby, I'm just saying, what if I was there. I could be a mother to him."

"I told my friend that, and he said that they can do a trial run. See how it works out. If it does, they will have you sign the papers. They just want to make sure that you two are serious about this, and that Derek wants to be there with you."

"Why don't we ask Derek before we make any decision." Toby told CJ.


"Ok, go talk to the kid. Then call me as soon as you know. I'm supposed to let him know as soon as possible." Leo smiled. "Go." Leo told CJ and Toby, who were already rushing out the door.

Toby and CJ raced out of the White House and got into Toby's car and drove to the hospital. On the way there, at a red light, Toby turned to CJ,

"You really would want to be Derek's mom?"

She smiled, "Yes, I would. I really love him, and after what happened to him at your place, I felt like a mother. I really got attached to him." She then looked down. "And to you," she said very quietly.

"What was that last part?"

"I said I really got attached to you too." She looked at him and smiled. "Toby, why hide it? I love you, and I have loved you ever since we met."

"You have?"


"That's funny, because ever since we met, I've loved you as well. Well, when I was married to Andrea, I loved you in the friendly type of way, but now..." He trailed off.

"Now what," CJ asked.

"Now I love you the way you love me." He parked the car and looked up at her. "I love you, CJ Cregg."

She smiled, "And I love you, Toby Ziegler." She leaned over and kissed him. He kissed her back. "Now," she said when they were done kissing,

"Let's go ask Derek if he'd like a new family." The two got out of the car and hand in hand, walked into the hospital to tell Derek the good news.

When they got to the floor, they noticed a lot of activity going on near Derek's room. Toby and CJ ran up to see what was going on.

"Excuse me." Toby asked a nurse. "What's going on?"

"The press got here about a half hour ago, right after you left. We tryed to get them out, but there were too many of them. The police are on there way though."

"Is Derek alone?" CJ asked.

"There they are!" Someone screamed. All of a sudden, every one with a camera ran up to them.

"CJ, how long have you and Toby been together?"

"How's the kid? Is he going home with you or going to a foster family?" All the reporters seemed to be asking the same questions over and over. CJ and

Toby tried to get through, but there was too many people.

"Mr. Ziegler, there are some reporters in the room with Derek, the doctors are trying to get them out." The nurse screamed.

"That's it." Toby grabbed CJ's hand and began to walk quickly towards the room. "Stop!" Toby screamed at the top of his lungs. "Everyone get out of the way!" Toby gave everyone a glare and they backed off. Toby took CJ into the room.

"Toby, do you have any comment..." A reporter started before Toby grabbed him by the shirt and threw him out of the room.

"Who's next." Toby growled at the other reporters, who by then were running out. Toby slammed the door after the last one left.

"Sorry about that." CJ said to Derek softly.

"You promised me!" Derek screamed at Toby.

"What?" Toby walked over to Derek.

"You said that they wouldn't take me." Derek had tears falling down his face.

"They're not, that's why we're here. We have something to ask and tell you." Toby said as he sat on the bed.

Derek turned the other way. "I don't want to hear it! I know that you're just going to say that you can't take me home with you because you don't really love me!" He cried.

"No Derek, that's not true," Toby said as he put a hand on Derek's shoulder. "CJ and I love you very much. That's one of the reasons why we're here."

Derek turned around to face CJ and Toby while at the same time, wiping his eyes. "You mean you do love me," he asked hoarsely.

"Yes, we both love you very much, Derek," CJ said,

"And we wanted to know if it was okay with you if we were to take you home with us." She smiled softly.

"You want me to come live with both of you? But you're not married..."

"That doesn't matter, Toby said. "But..." He turned to CJ. "I would like it very much if you did become the real Mrs. Toby Ziegler," he said to her.

CJ had tears running down her face now. "Are you asking me what I think you're asking me?"

"If what you think I'm asking you is if you'll marry me, then yes, I am asking you what you think I'm asking."

"Yes," she said softly. "Yes, I will marry you." She kissed him.

"Ahem! I'm still here you know," Derek said, a smile on his face.

"Sorry." CJ and Toby both pulled apart and smiled.

"So you mean it?" Derek smiled.

"Yeah, I think we do." CJ smiled.

"What do you say?" Toby asked Derek.

"Hmmmm...let me think." Derek joked. "I'd loved too!"

"Great." CJ said as they all pulled in for a hug.

"So, you two are getting married?" Derek smiled.

"Yeah, we are." Toby smiled while looking a CJ.

"Great. I just got one favor." Derek said.

"What's that?" Toby asked.

"Can you two wait a little bit before getting married? Just until I get better. I want to be able to enjoy myself without passing out in pain." Derek grinned.

"You got it, I think we're going to wait just a little bit." CJ smiled and rubbed Toby's back.

"Of course, you can move in now so you'll be ready when you marry." Derek smiled widely.

"You have it all planned out don't you?" CJ laughed.

"Yep, I sure do." Derek smiled and hugged both of them again. He was happy for the first time in his life. And he wanted to make sure that CJ and Toby would be happy too.


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