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Adjustments ~ 7

"Wow, that's great!" Derek smiled.

"Yeah." CJ smiled and looked over at a very confused Toby. "Right honey?"

"What?" Toby asked nervously. "Um...Yeah." Toby smiled weakly.

"Derek, can you excuse us for a minute?" CJ asked with a smile.

"Sure, I have to start making arrangements." Derek smiled and ran upstairs.

"Toby." CJ tried to get his attention but he was still looking down with a confused look on his face.

"Toby." CJ yelled.

"What?" Toby looked up quickly.

"I know we didn't talk about it, but I thought it would be a good time."

"I thought you wanted a big wedding?" Toby asked.

"The only things that I wanted, I already have. You and Derek." CJ smiled and kissed him.


"Look, we'll have a small wedding. We'll only invite family and friends."


"Toby, the sooner we get married, the better the adoption progress will go."

"CJ, is that why you want to do this so soon?"

"Toby, don't you want to get married?" CJ asked worried.

"Of course I do." Toby hugged her to calm her. "I love you and want to marry you. I was just thinking you wanted to plan it out."

"We can." CJ kissed Toby again and hugged him. Not noticing the frightened look in Toby face.

"Uh, yeah, sure we can," he said nervously.

"Toby, what's wrong?"

"I...I just don't want this to turn into what happened to me and Andi. We got married in a hurry, and look what happened to us."

"That won't happen with us, I can assure you of that," CJ said. "We have known each other for years, Toby. You knew Andi for three months before you got married."

"I know, but--"

"But nothing. Listen. I love you, you love me, and that's all there is to it. We have a son who adores us, and we adore him. We have great jobs. What more could you ask for?"

He smiled, "Nothing, I guess. I'm sorry, it's just that I--"

"Have cold feet?"


"Who doesn't?" She smiled. The doorbell then rang.

"Oh, that must be the pizza. I'll get the door, you get Derek."

"Okay." He walked upstairs. CJ walked to the door and opened it and smiled.

"Okay, here we a--" Toby started to say. "CJ, what in heaven's name is going on here," he asked when he saw Leo, Sam, and Josh in the doorway.

"Oh, I just thought we could use a little welcome home Derek celebration," she said.

"Uh huh," was the only thing he could get out.

"It's ok Toby, don't get all excited or anything." Josh said sarcastically.

"It's just a surprise is all." Toby said queitly.

"Don't mind him, he's nervous." CJ laughed.

"About what?" Leo asked.

"Nothing." Toby answered quickly.

"We're getting married sooner then we thought." CJ smiled and glared at Toby.

"Congrats CJ." Sam smiled. "And Toby. When's the big day?"

"CJ, can we talk for a minute?" Toby said before CJ could answer.

"Ok." CJ said confused. "Derek!" CJ yelled up stairs.

"Yeah." Derek ran down.

"There's some people wanting to see you." CJ pointed to the three men.

"Hey Derek, we brought presents." Josh smiled.

"You really know a way to a boy's heart." Derek smiled and walked over ot them as CJ and Toby went into the kitchen.

"What?" CJ said.

"Can we wait to tell them?"

"Why?" CJ whispered loudly. "Toby, do you want to get married or not?"

"Yes, but..."

"But nothing. Take my hand and walk back out there with me and tell them when we are getting married." CJ grabbed Toby's hand. "If you can't say it, then maybe we shouldn't get married."


"Come on." CJ dragged Toby back out to the room.

"Excuse me, but Toby has something to say." CJ said as everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at a very nervous Toby.

He took a deep breath and looked at CJ, who mouthed, "Tell them." He looked at everyone. "May I have everyone's attention please?"

No one stopped talking.

"SHUT UP!" He yelled. They stopped talking.

"Thank you," he said, in his regular voice. "Now, as I was going to say, CJ and I have set a date for the wedding."

"Yes, CJ established that already," Josh said, earning himself a look from Toby.

"Anyway," he said, looking from Josh to everyone else, "We set a date."

"When is it," Sam asked.

Toby looked at CJ.


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