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Adjustments ~ 5

"Mr. President, you can't..."

"Yes I can! Now what will it be?"

"Sir, the only reason I was doing this is because of CJ. She shouldn't be with Toby."

"CJ and Toby have had a crush on each other since the first day I met them. I'm glad they finally decided to make a relationship. And I'm not going to let you ruin it."

"I refuse the job offer sir. All I ask is to talk to CJ. I won't yell or threat. I just want to see where she stands."

"I know where she stands!"

"Please. Then I'll hand over the documents."

Jed looked at Danny.


"Yes sir?"

"Call CJ and ask her to please come down."

"Yes sir." Charlie walked out.

"If you make one threat, so help me..."

"I won't."

"Where is he?!" CJ yelled as she walked through the house frantically looking for Derek.

"Have you tried the yard," Toby asked from upstairs.

"Yes! I've tried there, the den, living room, kitchen, even the car! He's not here, Toby." CJ sat down. The phone then rang. She picked it up.


"CJ, everything all right," Charlie asked from the other end.

"No, everything is not all right, Charlie." She paused. "What's up? Did something happen?"

"The President wants you here right now," he said.


"Just come to the White House, CJ, please. He said it was an order."

"Okay, okay I'll be there."

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye." She hung up the phone.

"Who was that," Toby asked, rushing into the kitchen. "The cops? Have they found him?"

"No, it was Charlie. He said that the President needs to see me right now."

"I'll go with you." He got his coat and keys.

"No, it's okay. I am a big girl, Toby. I can handle this by myself."

"Okay. I'll call if something happens with Derek."

"You better," she said as she got her keys. "I'm sure he'll turn up." She walked up to him and kissed him.

"Yeah," he said when the kiss was over.

"Well, I'll be back in a bit," she said as she walked out the door.

CJ got to the White House and walked right passed the press. "He wanted to see me?" CJ said when she walked up to Charlie.

"Yeah, go on in."

"Thanks." CJ smiled and walked in, and when she did, she saw Danny.

"CJ, before you say anything, sit down." Jed said.

"Sir, I'd rather not."

"Sit!" Jed ordered. "Danny wanted to talk to you about something, and then he's going to hand you the documents. Because I don't want them." Jed said while sitting down.

"CJ..." Danny started and then looked at the President.

"If you think I'm leaving, you're nuts."

"It's ok." CJ said.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I can handle him."

"Ok, I'll be right out side." He said while walking out.

"Look CJ..."

"How could you do this to me Danny, I thought we were going to be friends."

"I know, I just went crazy when you went for Toby of all people. He's not right for you."

"Danny, I love him. I think a part of me always has. I want to be with him, and Derek. Danny, I don't want to lose this, so if you want to be a friend, let this go and give me the document."

Danny looked at CJ for a minute and took a deep breath.

"Did I hurt you?"

"Yes, you did." CJ said.

"I'm sorry." Danny said while taking something out of his bag. "Here."

"What's this?"

"The document."

She looked at it, and sure enough, it was the real thing. "Thank you."

"Yeah. Look, I should be going now." He started for the door.



"No one else has this, right? I mean, all you did was tell people, not give them copies..."

"No, they don't have anything. Just word of mouth."

"Then do me a favor," CJ said.

"What's that?"

"Go tell the press that you made a mistake and that you're terribly sorry for saying what you said."

"But CJ--"

"No buts, fishboy," she said, walking up to his face. "You want the other side slapped too?"

"Okay, I'll tell them," he said, knowing that CJ really would hit him. Before opening the door, he turned around. "CJ?"


"I do hope you have a good life with him," he said while looking down. "I never wanted you to be with Toby, but if you're happy with him, then...good for you." He smiled a little.

"Thank you," she said softly.

"Something's wrong...I can hear it in your voice." He walked over to her.

"No, I'm just glad you gave me the document," she said, not wanting to tell him that Derek was missing.

"Okay. I'll see ya."

"Yeah," she said distantly as she sat down.

Jed came back into the office, which made CJ stand back up. "So, did he give it to you?"

"Yes sir, he did," she said solemnly.

"CJ, what's the matter," Jed asked. "Is everything all right between you and Toby?"

"Yes sir, everything's fine between us. It's Derek..."

"What about him? Has he already misbehaved," Jed asked with a slight giggle.

"No sir, he...he ran away," she said, looking down at the document, not able to look Jed in the eye.

"What, you lost him already?" Jed said with a slight smile. "Don't worry, kids try to run away all the time. I can't even tell the you number of times my daughters ran away."

"But what if doesn't come back?"

"It's cold outside, he'll be back." Jed could still see that CJ was still scared. "Try the bus station."


"Every time my kids ran away, or when I used to run away, we would go to the bus station. Try there."

"Thanks sir." CJ smiled.

"You're welcome, now go home." Jed smiled.


CJ walked out and heard the end of Danny's confession. Saying he heard some bad information and that he was sorry. She smiled at him and walked out, heading to the bus station. As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Derek sitting on a bench. She ran over to him. "Oh thank G-d you're all right!" She hugged him tightly.

He didn't hug her in return, however. "Why are you here," he asked when CJ let go.

"I'm here to take you home, Derek. Home meaning Toby's house, and after I get everything of mine moved in, my house too. Our house. The three of us."

"But I heard you talking last night. You and Toby said that you were going to lose me because of something that happened..."

"Don't worry about that. Nothing's going to happen. You are going to stay with us." She smiled and hugged him again. "G-d, I missed you so much. Please promise me that you'll never do this again." There were now a few tears in her eyes as well as Derek's.

He hugged her back this time. "I promise. No more running away."

"Thank you," she said softly. "Now let's go home. Toby's been a nervous wreck since you've been gone. It was actually kind of funny," she said as they walked to the car.

Derek stopped. "You mean dad."

She smiled. "Yes, dad has been a nervous wreck." They got in the car and drove home.


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