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Adjustments ~ 31

"Can you tell us anything?" CJ screamed as they rushed Derek into the hospital.

"Ma'am, it's too early to tell." The doctor said while looking Derek over.

"Tell us what's going on." Toby asked quietly, but got the doctor's attention.

"Look, it looks like he hit his head very hard against the ground. He has a major cut and the damage has put him in a coma. My concern in that he will loose oxygen to his brain, which may cause it to swell up, and if that happens, he could have some brain damage."

"How long?" Toby asked gripping CJ's hand.

"I'm not sure. I'm going to have to get the bleeding under control, but the hit he had on his head was severe. I'm also worried about internal bleeding. I need..."

"Doctor!" The nurse yelled as she lost a pulse.

"What happened?" He rushed over and looked at Derek's head. "Call upstairs and get an OR ready, now!" The doctor.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler, your son had gone into cardiac arrest, we need to take him to surgery to stop the bleeding into his brain."

"Derek!" CJ rushed over him.

"CJ, no." Toby pulled her back as they took Derek.

They couldn't hear any beeping coming out of his heart monitor. It was a flat line. CJ and Toby watched as they took Derek upstairs.

"I'm calling the White House," Toby said an hour later.

CJ just sat there, in shock.

Before Toby had a chance to take out his cell phone, he saw Sam, Josh, and Leo rush in.

"What happened," Josh asked.

"How did you know we were here," Toby asked.

"I got a call," Sam said. "The hospital called when you guys were coming in. I'm one of the three emergency contacts." Sam said as he gestured to Josh and Leo who were the other two.

"So tell us what happened." Leo said as he sat down.

"He didn't want to get out of the car this morning," CJ said softly. "Then out of nowhere, a kid grabbed him and...and..." She couldn't say anything else. She ran out of the room and into the bathroom.

"Toby? Is she okay," Josh asked, concerned.

"Yeah, just in shock, like me," he said quietly.

CJ returned to the room a few minutes later and sat down next to Toby. "I'm sorry."

"Shh, it's okay," Toby said.

"Where is the damn doctor?!" She yelled.

"CJ, calm down," Toby said.

"I will not calm down until a doctor marches through that door and tells us what the hell is going on!"

A doctor then came in. "Mr. And Mrs. Ziegler?"

"Yes," CJ and Toby bolted up.

"What's going on," CJ demanded.

"Your son has lost a lot of blood. The good news is we were able to get him back rather quickly."

"Is he in a coma?" CJ asked.

"No. We were able to get the swelling to go down in the brain, which helped a lot. Is anyone here O Negative? He needs blood."

"I am," Sam said.

"Will you be willing to help us out?"

"Yes, right away." Sam went with a nurse who was behind the doctor.

"You may go see your son right now," the doctor said.

"Thank you." CJ said as she took Toby's hand and they followed the doctor.

"You can only visit him for a few minutes. He needs his rest."

"We understand." Toby nodded.

"I'll leave you two alone."

"Thank you doctor." CJ smiled and they both walked into the room. When they walked up to Derek's bed, they tried to hide the tears. He was hooked up to so many machines, and he looked so pale. His head was bandaged up and he looked so tired.

"Hey pal." Toby went next to him and gently grabbed his hand.

"Hi." Derek whispered.

"I'm so sorry honey." CJ bend down next to him and kissed him gently.

"It...wasn't...your..." Derek found it hard to talk.

"Don't say anything, just relax." Toby patted Derek on the chest. "We can't stay for very long. We just wanted to tell you that we're here. We're not going anywhere and we love you very much." Toby kissed Derek's cheek. "I want you to squeeze my hand if you believe me." Toby asked. Derek looked over at CJ and then back at Toby. He smiled a little, just as much as he could, and then squeezed Toby's hand."

"I love you." Derek whispered out slowly.

"That's my boy." Toby smiled.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler, it time." The doctor walked in.

"Ok." CJ kissed Derek again. "We love you so much. We'll be right outside if you need us." Derek smiled weakly.

"You're going to be ok pal." Toby kissed him. "I'll make sure of that."

Toby and CJ looked at Derek once more, and saw that his eyes were closed. They walked out and stood in the hall.

"It was my fault." Toby looked down.

"What?" CJ asked as tears fell down her face.

"It was my fault. I should have stopped that kid."

"Toby, you couldn't have. By the time we got him off Derek, he had already..."

"Excuse me." The doctor came up. "We have a problem."

CJ and Toby whipped around. "What's the problem," she asked, holding on to Toby's hand for dear life.

"Mr. Seaborn needs to give blood now or else your son will slip into a coma."

"I'll get Sam, you stay here." Toby said as he ran into the waiting room. "Sam!"

"Yeah." Sam stood up.

"They need you in the room now. If you don't give blood now..."

"Okay, I'm there." Sam rushed to the room he needed to be in and the nurse slowly but surely was able to transfuse the blood.

CJ and Toby watched as the doctor and nurse transfused the blood. Now it was a matter of waiting.


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