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Adjustments ~ 30

"What?" Derek asked quietly as his parents bickered.

"You know what I said. You told."

"I didn't say anything."

"Don't lie nerd boy. Tomorrow is the day you pay." Aaron slammed the phone down. Derek stood there with his eyes open wide.

"Who was it?" CJ asked.

"Uh...wrong number." Derek said quickly. "May I go up to my room?"

"Sure." Toby smiled.

"Thanks." Derek ran up and hid under his covers on his bed.

"Ok, well I got the dress." CJ said as she walked back over and sat at the table.

"Yeah?" Toby said.

"It's really nice and stuff." CJ looked down.

"How much did you spend?"

"You know I love you right." CJ smiled.

"You know what? With that answer, I don't want to know." Toby said. "Now, can you please tell me what's going on. First you hate everyone, then you couldn't be happier. What's going on?"

She sighed, "I'm sorry. It's the mood swings that I'm having from the pregnancy."

"Ah, I should have known."

"It's alright. How could you have known?"

"Yeah." He smiled.

"So, ready to eat?"

"I am indeed."

She sighed, "I hope Derek feels okay. He never turns down pizza."

"I'm sure he's just nervous about going back to school."

"True." She smiled. "I love you."

"Love you more."


"So," he said, changing the subject, "Can you believe only three days until the weekend?"

"I can hardly wait," she said, beaming.

"Me neither." He smiled and kissed her.


"Well, I'm going to say goodnight to Derek," CJ said as she and Toby walked up the stairs.

"Okay, I'll be in there in a minute."

"Okay." She walked into his room. "Derek?"

"Hmm?" He said from under the covers.

"Um, I was going to say it's bedtime, but you seem to have accomplished that already." She walked over to his bed. "Everything okay," she asked as she pulled the covers down so she could see his face.

"Yeah mom, I'm fine."

"Okay." She kissed his head. "Goodnight. I love you."

"I love you too mom."

Toby then walked in. "I love you too," he said.

"I love you too dad."

"Goodnight," Toby said as he kissed Derek's head. The two walked out of the room.

The next morning...

"Derek, come on, you're going to be late," CJ said as she put her coat on.

"I'm coming," he said as he slowly walked down the stairs.

"Let's go. Here. Eat this." She handed him a small box of cereal. They got into the car and drove Derek to school. Only when they got there, Derek didn't get out.

"Derek?" CJ turned around and looked at a very scared Derek.

"Can we come back and talk to the teacher later?" Derek asked.

"Derek, you were sent home for fighting. You have three days to sit at home with Annie and do nothing. This is the only time we all have to talk to your teacher and make sure she understand the situation." CJ pointed out.

"Please, I will never fight again."

"Derek, it's ok." Toby got out, as did CJ. Toby opened Derek's door. "Come on."

"NO!" Derek grabbed the seat and screamed out.

"Toby." CJ looked over at Toby trying to see if he knew what was wrong.

"Derek, what's the matter." Toby asked.

"Don't make me get out of this car, please." Derek screamed. Next thing they knew, something terrible happened.

Just as Toby turned to look at CJ, Aaron came out from behind the tree he was hiding behind and pulled Derek out of the car. He punched him a few times and then knocked him out.

"Get away from him! Now!" Toby yelled as he grabbed Aaron by the arm. "Get the hell away from my son!"

CJ, meanwhile, was leaning over Derek. "Wake up, sweetie. Come on. Wake up." She had tears in her eyes.

One of the teachers who saw all of this, called the cops who were there in no more than two minutes. They took Aaron away. Ms. Harmon ran over to them.

"Is he okay?!"

"I don't know," CJ said softly. "I mean, he's breathing, but he won't wake up."

Just then, the ambulance came. Toby got down next to CJ and held her and had Derek in his arms. "He'll be okay," he said as he held the two of them. 'Please let him be okay,' Toby said up to the heavens.


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