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Adjustments ~ 29

"Well, how was your day?" CJ asked with a smile.

"Fine, what do you need to tell me?"

"The meeting with Cashman went well?"

"Yes, what do you need to tell me?"

"He wasn't too..."


"What?" She got up. "I should get something for dinner."

"Sit! Talk!" He snapped.

"Don't snap at me, I've had a bad day." CJ fell back in the couch crying.

"What did I say?" Toby asked confused.

"Nice going dad." Derek said from the top of the stairs.

"In your room!" He snapped.


"I didn't mean to make you upset." Toby grabbed CJ's hand.

"You didn't, I just...I saw a dead dog on the way home and it made me sad." CJ lied.

"What?" Toby was now more confused the ever.

"We need to eat." CJ tried to keep changing the subject.

"CJ, why won't you tell me what's..."

"I'm with child!" She snapped.


"Great! Now I'm sounding like him." CJ shook her head.

"What the hell..."

"I'm pregnant!" CJ screamed. "Are you happy?" CJ pushed Toby out of the way. "I'm going to get pizza. By myself because I'm a grown woman that has the right to go off on her own. And I'm a smart...Oh screw it!" CJ grabbed her coat and stormed out. Leaving Toby standing there with his mouth open.

"I have absolutely no idea what just happened here." Toby said slowly.

"You and me both man." Derek patted Toby's back and shook his head. "Those darn mood swings."

"You're not watching TV anymore." Toby said as he sat down.

CJ wiped her eyes and got into her car and drove to the restaurant where they always got pizza at. Only, she didn't make it all the way there. She pulled over to the side of the road when she noticed her car was dying. "Great," she said to herself as she tried several times to start it. "Damn it!" She reached for her cell phone and was about to dial her and Toby's number, but ended up dialing Sam's instead.

"Hello," Sam answered.

"Sam, it's CJ."

"Hi, is everything alright? You sound flustered."

"No, everything is not alright. I was driving to the pizza place and my car died. Can you come pick me up?"

"Toby can't?"

She had to tell Sam. She knew that was concerned. "I didn't call home. I--I can't right now."

"Let me guess, it was positive, wasn't it?"

"What was?"

"Your test."

She sighed, "Yeah. But don't tell anyone. Got it?"

"Yeah, okay. So why are you calling me instead of Toby?"

"Because something happened."

"Okay." He didn't want to pry. "Where are you?"

"On Clark Street."

"Okay, I'll come get you and you call AAA."

"Thank you Sam."

"No problem. See you soon." He hung up.

CJ hung up then dialed AAA.

Back at the house....

"Dad, you don't look happy."

"I'm happy!" Toby snapped.

"You don't look or sound happy."

"I'm thrilled." He looked around.

"You're lying though." Derek pointed out.

"Ok, I'm not happy. CJ's getting the pizza, when she gets back, I'll be happy."

"You're just hungry?"

"Yep!" He snapped again.

"What about the baby?"

Toby looked over at Derek and motioned for him to sit on his lap. "I'm very excited about the baby." He smiled.

"Now you look happy!" Derek smiled.

CJ's car...

"Hey." Sam pulled up.

"What took you so long?" CJ snapped while hitting him.

"Ouch! You called me five minutes ago." Sam said trying to get away from her.

"Oh." CJ thought about it. "I knew that!" She hit him again.

"I really hope this mood thing won't last long." Sam mumbled to himself as he got in the car after CJ did.

"Shut up!" She hit him again.

"Stop hitting me, I'll have bruises because of you."

"Go to Garbanzos."


"Because I told them I was bringing pizza. What's with all the questions Sam?" CJ screamed. "I'm honest and I'm kind. I'm loving and I know what the hell I'm doing!"

"Ok." Sam didn't say anything else. He just drove to the pizza place, waited for CJ to come out with the pizza and took her home.

"Thanks for the ride Sam, it was kind of you. I owe you pal." She said kindly.

"What?" Sam asked confused.

"You want to come in for some pizza?" She smiled.

"No." He looked at her. "I just want to get out of here as fast as possible." He said as CJ got out of the car and he slammed on the gas and left.

"Well, Sam's acting a little bit weird and moody." CJ said as she walked in.

"Hi guys. Guess who has pizza." CJ walked in and found Derek and Toby on the couch.

"Dad?" Derek asked.


"What's wrong with her now?" He asked confused.

"I have no idea." Toby said, not knowing what to think.

"Come on silly." CJ smiled and took Derek's hand. "You too sweetheart." She grabbed Toby's hand as well.

"Are you ok?" Toby asked CJ as they walked in.

"I'm great, never felt better." CJ said with a smile.

"Okay," Toby said, royally confused. Her mood had gone from fine, to mad, to sad, to bouncy. Why though? They sat down at the table, which had been set by Derek.



"May I go into the garage and get a soda? Please?" Derek pleaded.

"I guess so, for now."

"Thanks!" He went into the garage.

"So," Toby said, "What took you so long?"

"Uh...traffic," she said as merrily as possible.

"Mom?" Derek said as he came back into the kitchen.


"Where's your car?"

She nearly choked on the piece of pizza that was in her mouth. "I...well..."


"I was on my way there, and the car broke down," she said flatly.

"Why didn't you call?"

"Because I felt really bad for the way I treated you guys, and so I called Sam to come pick me up."

Toby got up and walked over to her and kissed her. "Don't worry about before. It's in the past." She smiled a little. "So tell me, where is your car?"

"Probably in the shop right now."


"Well, AAA came and then Sam came right around the same time. The guy said that my car should be ready by Thursday."

"Thursday?!" Derek said.

"Yeah, why? Do you need to drive somewhere?" CJ and Toby laughed a little.

"No, but I'll be back in school by then, and who is going to drop me off and pick me up?"

"We will," CJ said. "Just like today. Or yesterday. Don't be so worried."

The phone then rang. "I'll get it," Derek said as he got up. "Hello?"

"Hi nerd, guess who," Aaron said.

Derek looked away from CJ and Toby.


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