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Adjustments ~ 18

"Don't you glare at me!" Toby snapped.

"Don't make me come over there!" CJ snapped back.

"Guess what CJ." Toby grinned. "Can't touch this." Toby waved.

"That's it!" CJ ran over to the cell and tried to grab him, but he jumped back. Toby laughed and stuck his tongue out. "Come here!" CJ screamed.

"Must be the wife." The police officer laughed.

"I'll get you Ziegler." CJ said softly. All Toby could do was smile.

"And who are you?" The officer looked at Ainsley.

"I'm Ainsley Hayes, I'm Mr. Ziegler's lawyer."

"Nice to meet you."

"We're do we take care of the bail?"

"Well, there's a small problem." The officer said.

"And what's that?" Ainsley asked.

"Well, with Mr. Ziegler's past record, I'm not sure we can let him go."


"I honestly think that he was driving under the influence this morning."

CJ stopped yelling at Toby and looked at the officer. "Excuse me?"

"We believe that Mr. Ziegler was driving under--"

"I heard you, I just don't believe this! He wasn't under the influence! I was with him all morning! We woke up, had breakfast, got in the car, realized it wouldn't start, got the other car cleaned off, and drove...until we were pulled over for speeding that is," she said, glaring at Toby again.

"I understand, ma'am, but his driving was erratic, and we must take that seriously."

"Just how dumb are you?"

"CJ!" Ainsley hissed. "Don't. You'll only make things worse."


"Officer," Ainsley said, "You must not know who this man is."


"He is the Communications Director at the White House. You know how important that job is?"

"Well, yes..."

"Then why aren't you granting bail here? CJ is willing to pay it." The officer sighed. She didn't know what to do.

"Mr. Ziegler has a history of drug and alcohol abuse..."

"This is insane..." Toby started.

"Toby, don't." Ainsley stopped him. "Listen, the past is the past. He was with CJ all morning..."

"Well, what's not saying she was drinking with him."

"You don't want to go there with me." CJ warned.

"Listen, he has a history. Now it's up to me to make sure justice is done."

"What justice? It was an accident." CJ said.

"Look, I'm sorry. There will be a hearing in two days..."

"Two days!" Toby screamed. "Why not today?"

"Because this time, you're not going to get your way. You're going to have to wait, just like everyone else." The officer said in a warning voice.

"This is crap!" Toby hit the wall.

"Listen, I have some more work to do." The officer said.

"You sorry son of a..."

"CJ, let's go." Ainsley stopped her. "I'll fix this."

"Toby." Ainsley said.

"Thank you." Toby said. "CJ."

"What?" CJ looked at him.

"You still love me?" Toby smiled.

"I'll always love you." CJ smiled. "Even though your an idiot." She said before walking out with Ainsley.

"Are you really going to keep me here?" Toby asked the officer.

"Yes." The officer walked over closer to his cell and whispered. "You hit a cop, you're going to pay."

"What?" Toby asked. "I never hit you?"

"No, you did twenty years ago when you were pulled over for reckless driving. You were drunk and high and you hit me." The officer whispered. "Now it's time to pay."

"That was taken care of back then, I didn't know what I was doing..."

"Pay back time." The officer said as he walked out.

Toby stood there shocked.

"I don't believe this!" CJ said. "Two days?!" She looked at him, "What exactly did that officer say to you just now?"

"He's the one I hit way back when."


"That's what it looks like," he said as he sat on the bed.

"This is going to be a long day. What am I going to tell everyone," CJ asked herself.


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