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Adjustments ~ 13

"CJ!" Toby ran up next to her. "Why are you walking so fast?"

"You told me to walk it off. I'm walking it off. I'm mad. When I'm mad I walk. Fast." CJ quickly.

"Ann's gone." Toby stopped, knowing CJ would do the same.

"What?" She did and turned around.

"She left, I thought maybe you would be glad." Toby tried to smile, but saw the fumes coming from CJ's ears.

"Toby, with her gone. I don't know what she has on the President."

"CJ, I can swear to you that she has nothing on the President." Toby smiled.

"Toby." CJ moved closer.

"Yes honey lips." Toby said.

"What the hell does she have!" CJ pushed him against the wall.


"You know what." CJ dropped Toby from the wall. "I have waited my whole life to be here. And I'm not going to let that little....She's won't win!" CJ was screaming.

"CJ...You...need..." Toby was bending over trying to breathe.

"You know what I need. I need to kill Ann. Yes! Make it look like an...

"CJ." Toby grabbed her arms. "Breathe." Toby smiled weakly.

"Toby, she's out to get me." CJ whined.

"She's not, she's out to get me." Toby said without thinking. "Oh crap." Toby said quickly.

"Toby, what do you mean?" CJ glared.

"Nothing, I meant she had nothing on anyone." Toby tried to lie, but knew she wasn't buying it. "Well, look at the time I have a meeting." Toby darted down the hall.

"Toby Zachary Ziegler, I'm going to get you sooner or later!" CJ screamed after him. "Carol!" She screamed.

"Yeah." Carol said softly.

"How long ago did Ann leave?"

"About two minutes ago." Carol said and then saw CJ dart down the hall.

She was after Toby. Her goal was to find Toby and kill him. No, get the truth from him. Yes. Kill Ann, get the truth from Toby. Now she was getting somewhere. She walked into the communications bullpen. "Samuel, where is Toby," CJ asked. It was apparent she was angry.

"Um...he...he wanted me to tell you that..."

"Where is he?!" She screamed.

"Right outside the Oval Office," he said quickly. He then went to hide in his office.

"Coward!" CJ yelled. She walked towards the Oval Office. "Hi Charlie," she said when she got to the outer office.

"Hi CJ."

"Where's Toby?"

"Over there, behind the door."

"Trader!" A voice from behind the door came. CJ yanked Toby out from behind the door. "Ouch! Geez, CJ!"

"Tell me what is going on between you and Ann right now, or I swear to G-d, I'll--"

"CJ, Toby, you two have come just in time," the President said as he let the two in.

"We'll talk about this later," CJ whispered to Toby.

"I don't doubt that," he said, which earned him one of CJ's famous glares.

"Derek has been learning quite a lot this morning, haven't you Derek?"

"Yes sir!" Derek said, quite excited.

"Why don't you tell your parents what you learned about."

"National Parks, farms, and how to cook a turkey."

"How to cook a turkey," CJ asked.

"Well, I figured that may come in handy next Thanksgiving." Jed smiled innocently.

"Thank you Mr. President for teaching him so much today." Toby said sarcastically.

"He's bright, we don't want him to take after either one of you two now do we." Jed laughed as Charlie walked in and handed him a piece of paper.

"Darn, looks like I have to get back to work." Jed bent over and shook Derek's hand. "It was great meeting you Derek."

"It was great meeting you too sir." Derek smiled as Jed walked out. Derek looked up at his parents. Toby was looking everywhere but at CJ, who was glaring at him.

"What happened?" Derek took a deep breath.

"Nothing." CJ smiled. "Everything's great, right Toby?" CJ went over and grabbed his hand.

"Everything's great." Toby let out before CJ gripped tighter, then tighter.

"We're just one big happy family, right Toby?" CJ said while grinding her teeth.

"Yeah..."Toby's eyes were shut tight because of the pain, but smiling for Derek. "So happy." Toby said in a high pitched voice.

"Let's go." Derek shook his head and walked out. CJ and Toby followed.

Every time Derek had his back towards them, CJ was hitting Toby over the head with her file. When Derek turned back, CJ made sure to be holding Toby's hand and smiling.

"Be nice for the kid." Toby whispered in CJ's ear.

Just then, CJ reached over and put her hand in his pocket. Derek turned around, and smiled.

"Daddy's pockets are keeping mommy's hand warm." CJ smiled.

"So weird." Derek said. Just then, Toby made a loud high pitched sound.

Derek turned around quickly as did the rest of the people standing around. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Toby said in another high pitched voice, but this one quieter.

"Just keep walking pal."

"Are you going to tell me what she has?" CJ asked as she squeezed tighter.

"CJ...I...can't...ouch..." Toby found it harder and harder to talk. CJ stopped and whispered in Toby's ear.

"If you don't tell me what she has by tonight. There won't be anything here for me to grab anymore." CJ smiled and walked fast up to Derek, leaving Toby behind to fall to his knees.

"Now that had to hurt." Sam said coming up from behind Toby.

"This seems like a very healthy relationship Toby." Josh smirked.

"Shut...up..."Toby squeaked.

In the car, Toby decided it was safe to not do any talking whatsoever. He kept receiving glares from CJ. When they got home, CJ told Derek to go upstairs. He did so, afraid of what would happen if he didn't.

"Okay, Ziegler. You're going to tell me what is going on with you and Ann, and you're NOT going to lie about it. Got it?!"

"Yes, but keep your voice down."

"Fine. Talk."

"Let's go in the living room, okay?"

"Fine." They went into the living room. "Talk."

"Let's sit down."

"Fine" They sat. "Talk."

"Are you hungry? Cause I could use a--"


"Okay." He sat back down and looked at her. "Ann really doesn't have anything on the President. It's me she has something on." He took a deep breath. "Years ago, and I do mean years, before Andi, before my first marriage, I was engaged to Ann."

CJ's eyes went wide. "Are you serious? Let me go get my puke bucket now."

"CJ. I'm serious. Anyway, she was threatening to tell the public that we were having an affair."

"Wait. Why would she go public and say you two are having an affair?"

"Well, she was going to make you believe that we were. I got her to not do that though." He looked up at her. "That's it. That's the truth. You do believe me, right?"

"Yes, I do believe you. Shall we go upstairs now and, you know?" She said with a suggestive voice.

"Okay, but I'm a little sore, because a certain Press Secretary--"



"Shut up."



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