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The Outing

He sat in his office just thinking about the past few days.  He kept thinking about the call he received from his neice, about how she was so sad that camp was nearly over.  He began to remember when he himself went to day camp.  He had loved it.  Oh, how he longed to go back.

"Sam?"  Toby said from the doorway.

He turned around.  "Yeah, Toby?"

"What are you doing?  Why are you not working?"  He said gruffly.

"Well, I was working, but then I got to thinking."  He sighed.

"Thinking about what?"

Sam put his glasses back on.  "It doesn't matter.  I'm going to get back to work now."

"Sam, this is me you're talking to.  Now what is going on?  And don't tell me nothing."  Toby sat in one of the chairs in front of Sam's desk.

"I got a call from my niece the other day.  She said taht camp is ending soon and that she's really depressed about it.  This is the first year she will go there and the last, since they're moving to another part of California."  Sam looked out the window again.

"Oh."  Toby thought for a moment.  "Did you ever go to camp?"

A small smile crept on to Sam's face.  "Yeah, when I was seven I went to this day camp that had nearly every activity that you could think of.  It was the best."

He nodded.  A lightbulb then went off in his head.  "Come with me." 


"I said come with me.  We're going to go on a little outing."  Toby stood up and walked to the door.

"Why?"  Sam asked, confused.

"Because I want to show you something."  He said, growing a tad impatient.

"Okay," Sam said, uncertain of what Toby had up his sleeve.

Toby went into his office and grabbed his suit jacket and keys.  He then walked back to Sam's office.  "Coming?"

"Yeah."  Sam put his things away and turned off his computer and got up.  "Where are we going?"

"On a little outing.  I thought it would do you some good."

"In the middle of the day?  Toby, we have work to do."

"It will get done, just not now."  Toby told Ginger where the two were going.  She nodded and told him that Ed and Larry would cover for the two while they were gone.

Toby walked briskly while Sam sort of lagged behind.  "Toby, I really don't see the point to this."

"Will you quit your whining and come on already?  This is taking forever because you're being so slow!"  He sighed.  "Sorry, I didn't mean to shout." 

Sam's jaw nearly hit the ground.  Did Toby just say he was sorry for yelling?

They soon reached Toby's car.  "Toby, please tell me where we're going," Sam said as he got into the passenger side.

"Nope.  That's a surprise."  He smiled at Sam and started the car and drove off.

An hour and a half later, they arrived.  Sam looked at the sign.  'D.C. Day Camp.'  Weird name for a camp, Sam thought to himself.  "What are we doing here?"

"I thought you could use a boost, so I contacted the owner of the camp, and he said that we could come and visit.  It's a regulart day camp, like the one you went to."

Sam smiled.  "You mean you're doing this for me?"

"No, Sam, I'm doing this so I can get more milage out of my car."  He said sarcastically.  "Of course I'm doing this for you."

He nodded and looked around.  There was a swimming pool, an archery field, a soccer field, a trampoline, a small playground, several picnic tables, a parking lot for teh buses, and an office and mess hall.  "Wow, this looks exactly like the camp I went to."

"That's what I thought you'd think.  Come on, let's have a look around, shall we?"

"Sure."  The two entered teh camp grounds and saw kids playing in the pool, some learing how to swim, others going down the small slide.  Sam had a few flashbacks to when he learned how to swim and went down teh slide for the first time.

Toby looked over at Sam.  "I never got a chance to go to a real day camp."

"Why not," Sam asked as they toured the camp.

"My parents wanted me to go to a camp that had Jewish traditions.  So I went to this overnight camp in Michigan for a while.  I liked it at first, but after three years, got really tired of it."

Sam nodded, "Yeah...I don't think I could ever grow tired of of the camp I went to."

"I'm sure."  Toby smiled and continued to walk around.  Suddenly, he was the victim of a water gun fight between two kids.  He just stood there, soaking wet.

"Sorry, mister," the first kid said.  "I meant to hit him."  He pointed to another little boy whith a water gun.

"We'll get out of your way now," Toby said, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. 

"Oh come on Toby, live a little."  Sam said.  He went over to the kid and asked if he could borrow the water gun.  The kid handed it to Sam, who then squirted Toby over and over again.  Soon, his shirt was so wet that one could almost see through it.  Sam couldn't stop laughing.

"Oh you think that's funny?  How about this?"  Toby asked the other kid for his water gun and started spraying Sam.  "How do you like it?"

After twenty minutes of getting each other soaked, Toby decided it was time to go.  "I think we got the kid in you out enough for one day," he said as they walked to the car.

"Toby, that was a lot of fun," Sam said as they began to drive back to the White House.  "Thanks."

Toby wanted to say something else, but when he saw the look on Sam's face, he just smiled.  "No problem, little brother."

They walked back into the West Wing, still soaking wet, but didn't care what anyone had to say.  The day had been fun, and both had enjoyed it. 


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