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The Longest Car Ride ~ 5

"Okay, who's next," Sam asked as he pulled into a parking lot and parked the car.

"What are you talking about," CJ asked with a yawn.

He looked at her. "I mean, who is going to take over the wheel. You know, drive for the next few hours or so." He looked over at Toby and Josh who were both slowly waking up.

CJ looked over at the two as well. "I'd say that I'm probably your best bet, if you don't want to get into a car accident that is."

He looked at the two. "You're right. Just help me do one thing."

"What's that?"

"Help me get Josh out of the front and into the back. I need to help you navigate."

She nodded, "All right, so long as he doesn't throw up on me. He already has done so three times."

"Yeah, yeah. He'll be fine as long as he is asleep."

Toby slowly opened his eyes and saw that the car was parked. "Oh no, we didn't break down again, did we," he asked groggily.

"No, we're switching drivers," Sam said as he opened Josh's door.

"Great, I'll drive," Toby said as he started to get out of the car.

"I don't think so," CJ said as she put a hand on Toby's shoulder to stop him from exiting the car.

"Well, who's going to drive then? Josh is just going to stop every hour to be sick..." He looked over at CJ, who smiled innocently at him. "Oh no, you are not going to drive for the ever long it is that you're thinking you are going to drive for."

"Will the two of you stop it," Sam said. "If you don't, I'll have to leave you here and you'll have to find your own way to Chicago and back to DC."

"Okay," the two said in unison.

"Great. Anyway, CJ please help me with Josh here."

As CJ walked over to the front passenger side and opened the door, Josh opened his eyes and looked up at her. "CJ, don't you think we're moving a little too quickly here..."

She slapped him upside the head. "Wake up, you moron! I'm simply helping you get out of the car."

Sam and Toby, meanwhile, were cracking up. "Have a nice dream there, Josh," Toby said between laughs.

"Shut up. Where am I going, CJ?"

"To the back. Sam is going to help me navigate where I'm going." She said as she helped him out of the car.

"But I don't want to sit in back!" He whined. "I'll get car sick."

"Too late," Sam muttered.

"What was that, Samuel?" Josh asked.

Sam shook his head and helped CJ put him in the back seat. "Buckle up," CJ said when Josh was sitting down.

"Yes, mother," he said in a groggy voice.

Sam and CJ then got into the car. CJ adjusted the seat so she could drive comfortably. "Everyone ready," she asked once she had her seatbelt on.


"Yes, Joshua?"

"I'm smushed back here. I have no leg room," Josh whined.

CJ looked back at him. "Are you mocking my height, Joshua?"

"" He barely squeaked out. He didn't feel like getting pounded by CJ.

"That's what I thought," she said as she started the car. She turned to Sam. "Which way am I going?"

"You're going to want to turn right out of the parking lot, and continue going west."

"Okie dokie."

Toby gave her a strange look. "Since when did you start saying that?"

"I don't know. I just sort of did. Why? Do you have a problem with it," she asked firmly.

"Um, no..."

"Will you two stop?!" Sam said to CJ and Toby.

"Yes, father," they said at the same time.

"And you thought I was the main problem starter," Josh said with a grin, earning him a punch in the arm from Toby.

"You be quiet," Toby said. He looked at CJ. "You keep driving." He then looked over at Sam. "You...Just don't get us lost." He looked out the window.

"Great, a backseat driver," CJ muttered.

Sam tried to contain his laughter as he continued to tell CJ which way to go.


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