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The Longest Car Ride ~ 2

"Mr. President," Charlie said from the doorway to the Oval Office.


"They're all here now. Should I send them in," Charlie asked with a bit of a smirk on his face.

"Yes, please do." Jed rose from his desk and walked to his chair in the middle of the room and sat down.

Charlie motioned for CJ, Toby, Sam, and Josh to enter the office. "Hello, sir," CJ said as the four walked in. "You wanted to see us?"

Jed smiled slyly. "Yes, that I did. I need to talk to you all about your trip to Chicago."

"Why do I not have a good feeling about this," Toby muttered to Sam.

"Because you never have a good feeling about anything," he responded.

"Shut up."

"Are you two finished, or shall I wait until you're done?" Jed asked. "Or would you like to share with the class?"

The two stopped talking and turned bright red. "We're done, sir," Toby said softly.

"Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea if the four of you went together in one car to Chicago." Jed looked at the four.

"Hold the phones," Josh said. "You mean you want us to actually drive in the same car?"

"Wow, Josh, you sure catch on fast," CJ said sarcastically.

He simply gave her a look of disgust.

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean, Joshua," Jed said. "All you have to figure out is whose car to take and who will drive, but that will be easy, since it's such a long drive. You can all take turns driving." He smiled at them. "You may go now."

"Thank you, sir." The four said as they rose and left the office.

Once they were in the outer office, they turned to one another. "So," Josh said, "I think we should take my car up there."

"Yeah, right," CJ said. "Your car couldn't make it to Maryland, let alone the Midwest."

"She's got a point Josh," Sam said matter-of-factly. "Remember when we went to the Hill?"


"Exactly. We never made it from the White House to the Hill. Your car died halfway there."

"Well, I don't think we should take my car," CJ said.

"And why is that," Toby asked.

"It's too nice for you three stooges to mess up."

"How about we take mine," Sam suggested.

"Nah, we should take mine," Toby said. "It's nicer." He smiled.

CJ rolled her eyes. "You and your pride. I say we take Sam's. He at least has four wheel drive."

"Yeah," Sam said in a sing-song voice.

"I'm with CJ," Josh said. "We take Sam's car." He turned to Toby. "What do you think?"

"Do I get a say?"

"No," CJ said quickly.

"Fine. Sam, you're driving." He paused. "Hold on. Sam, don't you remember when we got lost going from the airport to the police station in Connecticut?"

"Yes, but I've driven from DC to Chicago hundreds of times. So I know how to get there. Besides, I won't be the only one driving."

"He's got a point," Josh said.

"Yippee, let's go get lost," Toby said.

Sam took that moment to hit Toby oon the head with the file he was holding. "That's for making fun of me."

"This is going to be one long, long ride," Toby said as the four went to their respective offices.

"Yeah, but it'll be a fun one," Sam said with a smile.

"Kill me now," Toby said as he walked into his office.


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