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The Longest Car Ride ~ 1

"All right, so you all know that you have to get to Chicago by Thursday, right," Leo asked as the morning staff meeting came to a close.

Everyone in the room groaned.  "Do we have to go," Josh whined.  "'Cause I really don't want to."

"Too bad, you're going," Leo said.  "You're all going.  Now go back to work before I have to call the National Guard in here to throw you all out of this office."

"He seems to be in a bit of a mood," CJ muttered to Toby as they all left the office.

He looked at her.  "Kind of sounds like me in a way.  Maybe I'm starting to rub off on him."  He grimaced.

"G-d I hope not."  CJ walked back to her office.

Toby continued to walk to his office.  He wanted to throw his rubber ball through a window right now.  Chicago?  Just the four of them?  What was he going to do? 

"Toby, can I come in," Sam asked from the doorway.

"Yeah, what do you want," he asked gruffly.

"I was just talking to Leo about the trip to Chicago, and..."

He looked up at Sam.  "And what?"

"Well, he said that we can't fly out there.  They need us to make a couple of stops along the way, and that we'd be wasting money if we kept getting on different planes and getting off."

"Sam, what is your point?"  He asked, quite tired of hearing Sam rambling on.

Sam took a deep breath.  "He said that we have to drive there." He ducked to avoid being the victim of a rubber ball in the head. 

"We what?!"  He yelled as he threw the ball, causing it to hit the President.

"Toby, is that any way to say good morning," Jed asked, rather annoyed.

"I'm sorry, sir.  I was just reacting to what Sam said.

"Yeah."  Jed rubbed his sore forehead.  "Try not to throw things out of the office in the future.  If you must throw something, please do so in a careful manner and make sure not to hit anyone."

Toby looked at Jed, "Uh, okay.  Thank you, sir."

"You're welcome.  Oh, and I have taken the liberty of calling a small meeting in my office.  You and Sam need to be there...Now."

"Yes, sir," the two said as they got up from their seats.

Jed smiled slyly and walked out of the office and back to his own, leaving Sam and Toby to ponder on what the President had planned for them.


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